The next time he makes a stop, instead of saying 'ka-chow', he's gonna go 'ka-boom'!
~ Acer

Acer is a supporting antagonist in Pixar's 12th full-length animated feature film Cars 2. He is a Lemon who works as a top henchman along with his partner Grem for Professor Zündapp, who (in secret) works for Sir Miles Axlerod.

He was voiced by Peter Jacobson.


Acer first appeared on the oil deck and as one of the Lemons who had thought to have killed Finn McMissle. He was next seen in Japan when he along with Acer attacked Rod Torque Redline in the bathroom. Rod then managed to pass along information to Mater (who happened to be there) regarding the conspiracy plot. 

Afterward, Grem tested Rod on an Allinol with the electromagnetic pulse camera that would be used to blow out the race cars during the World Grand Prix as demonstrated by Professor Z - who proceeded to kill Rod after Grem and Acer managed to obtain the information onto Mater. Grem was assigned to use the camera on the race cars during the World Grand Prix. He aimed the camera beam at a racer and with the result of the Allinol heating up, blew out their engine. Grem and Acer also caused a big crash in Italy. After Mater, Finn and Holley tried to stop the lemons, they were all captured. Grem was then assigned to kill McQueen using the camera but since Sarge and Fillmore switched out the Allinol with Fillmore's organic biofuel mixture, the camera beam did not work so properly.

When Mater discovered the bomb strapped to his radiator and McQueen chased Mater down to see what the situation was, Grem along with Acer pursued them throughout London until Holley Shiftwell intervened and threw Grem and Acer off the road and into the Ye Left Turn Inn restaurant where they are last seen being beaten up by cars bigger and stronger than them. It is completely unknown what happened to Acer and Grem afterwards, but it is likely that in case they were not beaten to death by the car clients (as they were just angry albeit most probably without murder intentions), they were later taken in custody as the other Lemons. 



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