Achebe is a criminally insane villain from Marvel and an enemy of the superhero known as the Black Panther.

Reverend Doctor Michael Ibn al-Hajj Achebe's true identity remains unknown. Stories persist that he was originally a Ghudazian farmer until Ujankan guerrillas took refuge in his home, repaying his hospitality by stabbing him repeatedly, burning his farm, and stealing his unfaithful wife. Refusing to die, the farmer sold his soul to the devil for revenge, hunting down and slaying everyone associated with his wife, from close family to casual acquaintances.

Though that tale remains unconfirmed, Achebe did sell his soul to the demon Mephisto. Earning multiple degrees in America, he formed ties with rogue elements in the U.S. intelligence community. Ghudaza shared a border with the technologically advanced Wakanda, and Achebe's new allies saw him as a means to access restricted Wakandan information denied them by the Wakandan king T'Challa, also known as the Black Panther.

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