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Behold my dark power!
~ Achille unleashing his dark magic.

Achille (also called King Achille) is a power-hungry warlock who unleashes the undead upon the world and the main antagonist of Maximo: Ghosts to Glory.


A once trusted advisor and friend to King Maximo, Achille was driven power-mad and secretly practiced dark magic to serve his own need. He used Maximo's absence to his own advantage, capturing the kingdom with his secret army of the undead and stealing Maximo's throne. He probes the underworld with a giant mechanical drill powered by his evil magic for more spirits to add to his powerful armies.

Maximo defeated Achille in the Keep of Castle Maximo and rescued Sophia in his throne room who turned to be a powerful demon who manipulated Achille while the real Queen Sophia was alive but nowhere to be found.

He also appears in Army of Zin under the guise of Lord Bane and yet again, defeated by both Maximo and Grim.

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