Achilles is an antagonist in the "Mythos" arc of Cyborg 009. He is a Mythos Cyborg resembling a cat and Apollo's right-hand man.

In the Japanese version, he was voiced by Hiroshi Yanaka. While on the English version, he was voiced by Derek Stephen Prince.


Achilles fought against the 00 Cyborgs alongside his fellow Greek Gods, only for their battle to be interrupted by Artemis, who convinced Apollo to retreat. Later, when the 00 Cyborgs entered Magma Island, Apollo sent Achilles and Minotaur to deal with them.

Achilles fought 009 and initially fared well against him until Pan appeared and bit Achilles' leg, damaging his acceleration mode. With Achilles' speed impaired, 009 was able to overcome the Mythos Cyborg and land a hit on him. However, because his acceleration mode was damaged, the blow resulting in his leg malfunctioning and him crashing into a rock wall, ultimately killing him.

Achilles' fellow gods would later hold a memorial service for him.


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