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Achira is the main antagonist of the Extreme Ghostbusters episodes "Darkness at Noon Part 1" and "Darkness at Noon Part 2". She is a wicked demon bent on creating chaos through disease.

She was voiced by the late Susan Tyrell, who also portrayed Queen Juliana in Fire and Ice, Claudia Furschtein in The Chipmunk Adventure and Mona in HBO's Tales From the Crypt.


Achira was known for her notorious attempts to spread her disease and decay on cities for her own amusement. As part of her path of destruction, it involves taking on a host and making victims to grow disgusting blotches on their faces, before developing offspring from these blotches to feed on more victims.

Thousands of years ago, Achira was imprisoned within an underground structure, but in 1997, she was released a group of subway workers in New York City. Ghostbuster veteran Egon Spengler attempts to round up new members of his team, but unfortunately one of them named Kylie Griffin stole a Ghost Beacon to summon the spirit of her dead grandmother Rose. Taking the opportunity, Achira poses herself as Rose to possess Kylie for spread a new epidemic.

However, the other teams of the new team arrive to the rescue to free Kylie from Achira's control, and Kylie teams up with the Ghostbusters to defeat Achira as she summoned up her offspring to attack the world. Having updated their equipment, the new Ghostbusters manage to defeat and capture Achira, and she was placed into the Containment Unit for the rest of the life, much to her anger.


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