Acht (Render)

Acht is one of antagonists in XBlaze Code: Embryo and a former member of the Ten Saints. Eight is her successor. She died as her Crystal progressed her into a Phase 6 Union and she dissolved into Seithr.


Acht is beautiful attractive women with long golden blond hair and eyes. She wears a seductive naval style outfit with a dark naval fur coat, high-length black leather boots and a small blue ribbon. She also wears black sunglasses on top of her head that are tinted a light brown.


A young woman who is adept in the magical arts, Acht is eight in the Ten Saints. She once studied with Sechs and grew to love and respect him; No matter what his aims are, she trusts him and lives for him alone. Acht is a confident young woman she is brilliant at human psychology, easily being able to read emotions that lurk deep within people.

Acht died in a fight against Kuon Gramred Shutleheim and Mei Amanohokosaka, she succumbed to her status as a Drive-Progressor and became a Phase 6 Union in the middle of the fight, she immediately dissolved into Seithr.


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