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We serve the Shadow, the Stalker, the truth.
~ Misery declaring the Acolytes' loyalty to the Stalker.

The Acolytes are minor antagonists in the MMO third person shooter Warframe.

They are fanatical followers of the Stalker who share his philosophy of vengeance and hatred for the Tenno and joined him after the events of the Second Dream quest. Stalker gave them the task of hunting down and killing Alad V for helping the Lotus and her Tenno.

They serve as the main antagonists of the Shadow Debt event.


Each one of the Acolytes uses a different Warframe with a black, white and red color scheme and a replica of Stalker's helmet instead of their own.

  • Misery uses a Nekros Warframe and an Ether Reaper scythe.
  • Angst uses a Valkyr Warframe and her energy claws as weapons. She also wears a cape made from a Grineer flag.
  • Malice uses a Frost Warframe and an Opticor laser gun. He also wears various mechanical parts as armor.
  • Mania uses a Loki Warframe and a Lacera, an electrical sword with a hooked whip attached to it.
  • Torment uses a Mesa Warframe and the Warframe's custom revolvers. She also wears a bat wing-like piece of shoulder armor.
  • Violence uses a Limbo Warframe and a Destreza rapier in one hand and a single Venka, a metallic claw, on the other.


After the Moon was returned to Earth's orbit and Stalker's alliance with the Sentients became known at the conclusion of the Second Dream, six like-minded Tenno approached the Stalker and offered their allegiance. He accepted and gave them a simple task: Find and kill Alad V.

Alad V had helped the Tenno find the bones of the Sentient Hunhow, whom Stalker had joined forces with to attack the Tenno in a secret reservoir on the moon, where their vulnerable true selves resided. Alad V even stuck around after his part of the deal was completed, as while he had his fair share of difficulties with the Tenno, he knows that they are the best bet in repelling the impending Sentient invasion. While the Tenno finding his bones was part of Hunhow's plan, Alad V's aid did not go unnoticed by him and Stalker.

Afraid for his life, Alad V called in the favor he earned from his cooperation and told the Tenno to save him from the Acolytes. The problem was that the Acolytes were impossible to track, as Hunhow had granted them a complicated cloaking frequency that Alad cannot bypass on his own. To get around this, Alad V instructed the Tenno to break into Grineer and Corpus installations and send him the data within. With enough data the Acolytes' cloaking lost its effectiveness at close range, allowing the Tenno to hunt them back. Once an Acolyte had been found, Alad V transmitted its coordinates to the Lotus so the other Tenno can provide reinforcements.

When five of the six Acolytes had been defeated, Misery, the last Acolyte and the one Alad feared the most, finally discovered where he had been hiding. The Tenno had to defend Alad directly from Misery and his shadow forces, which included recreations of his fellow Acolytes. With Misery gone, Alad could finally take a moment of relief and called it even with the Tenno.


We asked... what is thy will, Shadow? Punishment was his call.
~ Misery
Those who oppose will be consumed. Emotion drives us. Blood divides us.
~ Misery
Virtue gives us the strength of a thousand Tenno.
~ Angst
Do not rest, Tenno, you are not safe.
~ Malice
Our fight is not with you Tenno.
~ Mania
This one has caused much suffering and yet you protect him... Why?
~ Torment
(Player), your Lotus will watch you perish.
~ Violence



  • The Acolytes are likely a reference to a popular fashion trend among players, where they color their own Warframes after the Stalker and use his rare weapons to emulate him.
  • Although the Acolytes occasionally resurface so that the players can hunt their unique and powerful drops, Misery has not made another appearance since the Shadow Debt event, making it likely that he is the only Acolyte to truly be dead.
    • The Acolytes have since become recurring mini-bosses for the Steel Path missions, Warframe's resident hard mode. This includes Misery, which means all Acolytes survived the event.