Acrobat was a villain from Marvel comics and a costumed criminal who fought a young Human Torch and the rest of the Fantastic Four as well as a brief confrontation with a most unimpressed Captain America.


Zante met Torrid Twosome, and  wanted some time to think it over, but Johnny followed Zante's instructions on their first case, to rescue a teller trapped in the Glenville bank's safe. Melting his way into the safe, Johnny and blasted the Torch with a liquid asbestos spray, shot the Torch in the arm, and then took off with a million dollars.

Johnny flew after him, and even with his injured arm, managed to catch up and melt the ground under Zante's feet, immobilizing him before he could try to jump into a manhole cover to escape. When some criminals tried to steal one of the cars, the Human Torch (present in the audience) tried to stop them, but "Cap" swung in and stole the show, belittling the Torch. 

"Cap" robbed the bank and escaped in his floating sky platform, but as the Human Torch had helped the cops to corral the two criminals, they were able to respond to the bank robbery sooner, and the Torch was soon hot on "Cap's" trail. Escaping a short distance in his rocket, "Cap" waited for the Torch to catch up, then doused his flame with a mop (yes, a mop!), hand-cuffed him, and escaped. However, a store employee got some portable heaters to help dry the Torch, and he was soon on his way again. "Cap" tricked the Torch, dodging out of his way and trapping him inside an asbestos-lined truck. However, the Torch super-heated the air inside the truck, causing the truck to burst open. Johnny then trapped "Cap" in a fiery cage and unmasked him as the Acrobat, minus the moustache.
Shortly after the real Captain America was revived, Zante escaped from prison again. Figuring the real Cap would want a go at the man who had impersonated him, the Torch contacted him. Johnny told the tale of his previous adventure to the incredulous Cap. The two then tracked the Acrobat to a bank he was robbing, and even though surprised, Zante sprung past them, fled the bank, and made his way up a nearby building. Eyeing up Zante's position, Cap hurled his shield from inside the bank vault, ricocheted it off of about four walls and then took out the Acrobat with a single throw. Cap looked Zante in the eye and then refused to believe that anyone ever believed that this two-bit hood was him.