Adair is the minor antagonist from the book Dragonsdale: Riding the Storm, written by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore under the pen name Salamanda Drake.


Master Adair is a tall and skinny dragonmaster of the stable Clapperclaw which is a rival to Dragonsdale. As many people from this stable, he hates Dragonsdale and its instructors and riders, and connives his rides every time he has a chance to. He is also a judge at Island Championships.



He is the main judge at the competition for beginners, along with instructor Hildebrand from Dragonsdale and dragonmaster Hoyt from Wingover. The first is a boy from Drakelodge whose dragon, however, calmly ignores his rider's orders and just stand in the middle of arena. The desperate boy whips, causing dragon to start flying quickly towards the judges stable without control. Adair and Hoyt quickly hide under the table, but Hildebrand keeps standing and stares at the coming dragon provocatively, leading him to change the direction right in front of her.

After all children participate in the competition, the judges leave to decide who will the winner. Hildebrand suggests Wony from Dragonsdale who is very good in dragon riding. However, Adair doesn't like anything and anybody related to his biggest rival and the two start arguing.

Eventually, the judges make a decision. At first, Adair gives rosettes for the third and second place to two competitors who, of course, aren't from Dragonsdale. Therefore Cara and Breena hope their friend Wony will win the first rosette. It really seems to happen, as Adair deliberately moves towards Wony... only to give the rosette to a girl from Clapperclaw, making Wony very sad.

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