Adam is a character from the Dungeons & Dragons horror themed setting "Ravenloft". Like many horror archetypes featured in the game setting, the character is heavily inspired by Frankenstein's Monster( the novel version in particular). Both creatures are very strong and intelligent flesh golems who became vicious killers after being rejected by people.

Adam is the darklord of Lamordia, one of the various countries in the Demiplane of Dread.

Adam is the greatest creation of Doctor Victor Mordenheim, a scientist obsessed with the creation of life, but he's the one who caused him most grief because Adam reduced Mordenheim's wife, Elise, into a comatose state and apparently killed the doctor's adopted daughter Eva.

After this event, the Dark Powers decided to punish Adam by making him the darklord of Lamordia. Since his greatest desire is to be accepted by people, Adam's curse is to be forced to live in a castle full of reflections of his hated creator, meaning his own realm rejects him.

Adam's life is also bound to Doctor Mordenheim. The doctor has Adam's immortality and in exchange, the creature has the doctor's angst.

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