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Take this. They'll be drawn to the light but you won't be able to see without it.
~ Adam to Rose Da Silva as he gives her a flashlight.

Adam is a member of a religious Puritanical cult known as The Brethren and a follower of Christabella. He is a minor antagonist in the film SIlent Hill.

He was portrayed by Christopher Britton.


Adam is a local citizen of Silent Hill who was one of Christabella's devout followers who were present at the time of kidnapping, and murder of Alessa Gillespie. He was trapped along with everyone in the the foggy and dark realities of the town after Alessa's murder, but he and his fellow cultists hides and remained safe in their church.

He soon meets Rose Da Silva and Officer Cybil Bennet soon after the brutal death of his fellow cult member's daughter at the hands of Pyramid Head. Christabella tells Rose that only a demon knows the whereabouts of her adobted daughter Sharon and that she must go to a hostpital where the demon resides. Though her follower Adam tries to warn them both not to go there because of the dangers there, Christabella ordered him to silence for she will never try to stop them.

He went with Christabella and her cult's foot soldiers to accompany Rose and Cybil on their way to a hospital to confront the demon and learn where Sharon is. Adam soon gave Rose one of the flashlights the Brethen uses to safely navigate the dark reality of Silent Hill. As soon as Christabella tries to give back Rose her locket that was back at her church, she instantly reconignized the picture of Sharon as the face of the murdered Alessa and rushly shouted "witch!". She ordered her fellowers to stop Rose and Cybil from escaping. Adam grabbed Rose in the elevator but was later bashed in the back of the head and killed by Cybil before she escaped.


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