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The entirety of your apartment complex has been embedded with surveillance cameras. Every movement you've made in the past several hours was broadcasted to our spectators. They're paying to watch you fear for your life - the adrenaline rush of possibly witnessing someone's last moments of life in real time. No script, no acting, just raw, authentic emotion. It's a thing of beauty.
~ Adam revealing his twisted nature to a captured Clint.
Thanks for playing.
~ Adam to Clint before he has him killed should Clint decide to be killed in Amalea's place.

Adam is the main antagonist of the Welcome to the Game series, acting as the unseen deuteragonist of Welcome to the Game and the main antagonist of Welcome to the Game II. He is also the overarching antagonist of the whole Reflect Studios game series.

As the leader and founder of Noir, he is an infamous and influential figure within the deep web community, being a human trafficker who supplies various high-paying snuff-filmers with innocent people to brutalize and kill. He is the boss of the Noir Couple (and possibly the Breather) as well as an apparent friend of Lydia.

He was voiced by Adam Flatau.


Welcome to the Game

Adam appears in this game as the player's online friend who will contact them via a one-sided voice call and proceed to give them step-by-step instructions of how to avoid the perils of browsing the deep web. The player can choose to follow his advice, which will begin the tutorial section, consisting of Adam teaching them how ward off hackers, how to access the Red Room by searching for and obtaining several coded keys hidden in various websites, as well as information regarding the urban legend of kidnappers, and how to properly deal with it should they themselves think they are targeted. After the section is finished, Adam bids the player good luck and hangs up.

The Waiting Room

Despite making no vocal or physical appearances within this game, Adam still plays the part of the tutorial as several documents can be found on the Executioner's computer specifically addressing the player and giving useful information that will help aid the player's escape.

Welcome to the Game II

During his investigation into the disappearance of a young woman named Amalea, Clint Edwards is contacted by Adam, albeit under an anonymous online call. Adam's role in the beginning of the game is quite similar to that of his role in the previous game, which is providing the tutorial section to the player. After completing this section, Adam bids the player good luck and hangs up.

Adam is not seen for the rest of the game until its penultimate end, in which Clint is kidnapped by Noir and brought to their headquarters. There, Adam presents himself to Clint, revealing himself as the leader of Noir and the Mastermind behind Amalea's kidnapping and torment. He complimented Clint for being able to get as far as he did, before revealing that his entire efforts to uncover the secrets of Noir were staged by him and broadcasted live via hidden surveillance cameras to Adam's audience, making Clint an unknowing victim of the very snuff-filming ring he had been attempting to take down. Adam further elaborates by telling Clint that he had been baited by Amalea and that he himself was the true star-participant of Adam's "game".

Adam then reluctantly admits that someone has to die tonight as to satisfy the countless viewers and, either out of gratitude for being able to reel in a large audience for him due to his exploits or simply as a means of satiating said audience, then provides Clint with a choice: either be allowed to be freed and allowed to continue living but have Amalea, the young woman he had been attempted to rescue for the entire game, be killed in his place, or have Amalea be allowed to leave alive only to be killed in her stead.

If the player chooses the former option, Adam consoles Clint for doing what he deemed to be natural for humans to do, succumbing to their baser instincts of survival. He then has Clint released, with Amalea's screams of pain being heard as Clint is escorted out of the building. If choosing the latter option, Adam expresses his amazement and surprise at Clint's selflessness, for being able to overcome his desire for survival in order to ensure the survival of a complete stranger. He then proceeds to call off Amalea's execution before having a Noir member slash Clint's throat as he is recorded.


While Adam does not make a direct appearance, he is briefly mentioned by Tanner at the end of the game as the one he got the information on the Blueblood Killer that protagonist Luna has been looking for from. Tanner describes him as "not a man you'd want to owe favors to".


You know the problem with people these days? They are far too sheltered. Playing make-believe in the utopia that doesn't exist, hiding behind their computer screens or whatever helps distract them from reality. But the trust is, they're an embarrassment. Abandoning human nature for a fantasy. They've lost touch with the most essential instinct: survival.
~ Adam's philosophy.

Adam, at heart, is a misanthropic darwinist who justifies the atrocious things he partakes as being a means to bring out the baser instincts of humanity by forcing innocent people to partake in sadistic games and fend for their lives, believing it to be a work of art. He seems to resent modern humanity and the society that fosters them as he seems that they abandoned their true primal selves in exchange for the comforts of modern security, and believes that his "games" are nothing more than practices that help expose humans for what he believes them to be at heart: fearful and weak. He has also shown to not be above profiting off of his "games", as he has set up a sizable viewer-base that pay large sums of money to watch innocent people suffer.

Despite this, he does seem to have a code of honor, as he was not above congratulating Clint for being able to deduce the secrets of Noir and honored his promise of sparing the lives of either Amalea or Clint as long as the other had to die. He also possessed a hypocritical side, as in the first game, he describes the deep web to the player as an extremely unpleasant place filled with horrendous psychopaths, despite himself being a human trafficker and leader of a snuff-filming ring.

He however does not reach the personal depravity of characters like The Executioner or The Doll Maker.


Hey... So...are you sure you want to do this? The deep web is full of f**ked up shit. Even worse, a Red Room. There are some things you can't unsee.
~ Adam's first line in the series.
Oh wait a minute...A couple more things I forgot to mention. This is just an urban legend but I'm not sure if it's true or not. But they say the farther you get into the deep web, there are kidnappers that will try to locate and kidnap you. So be on the look out for this, if you think someone is tracking you. Just turn all the lights off and be quiet, don't say a word. When you think the coast is clear, turn the lights back on.
~ Adam discussing the existence of deep web kidnappers to the player.
Now besides that, this I can promise you is real. Where you currently are there is a serial killer on the loose, they call him "The Breather". He looks for his victims browsing the Deep Web and random hitch hikers. It's kind of weird, but he also calls his prey before killing them, breathing into the phone and saying other things that don't make sense, hence why he is called "The Breather". If you are somehow unfortunate to be a target of his, you have to block the front door with your life! He has a strict set of rules where he can only attack if he breaks through the front door... Don't ask me why. So if you feel like he is targeting you, be sure to check the front door at the house you're at... If he is there, hold the doorknob with your life and hope he doesn't get too aggressive
~ Adam telling the player about the Breather and how to avoid being killed by him.
Well that's it! Good luck!
~ Adam signing offline after adequately preparing the player.
When faced with life or death, these same people revert back to their primal selves: pure subconscious volition. That's what inspired me to make all this Clint. Profit. Profit made off of the fate of the unsuspecting. I have a large clientele that paid very well in a few of my games, it's grown into a remarkably lucrative business.
~ Adam explaining his motivations to Clint.
I've been watching you very closely Clint. You were brought to my attention when you started learning more than you should have. No one has a single inclination of who's orchestrating all of this, except you. I have to give you some credit, you're very good at what you do. Not even the government can put the pieces together.
~ Adam complementing Clint.


  • Adam is named after the creator of the series, Adam Flatau.
  • His reasons for helping the playable character of The Waiting Room are unknown.
  • It is very likely that Adam is the one who hired the hitman to assassinate Clint Edwards to make their little game more interesting.


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