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Adam Arclight is the main antagonist of the Manga and Anime series Needles. The Leader of Simeon Pharmaceutical and the clone of the Original Adam, his objective to absorb all the fragment of the Needless and become a perfect God.

He was voiced by voice actor David Matranga.


Adam is tall and straight man with red eyes and white hair, all of his outfits possess the combination of the red and black colors, he also wears a metal collar on his neck, silver earrings on his ears and a green gem on the front of his head.


Adam is a very mysterious individual, he is normally calm and gentle towards his subordinates. When he is fighting towards an enemy he is cruel, merciless and precise in his actions. His ruthlessness is derived from his God complex and his continued genetic defect.

Powers and Abilities

Adam has superhuman abilities and is able to manipulate the fire, water, ice and lightning elements, he is also able to make himself invisible and control the gravity.

Adam is also able to fly and use telekinetic abilities such as teleportation and Mind Manipulation.

Lastly, he is able to transform into his Stigmata form, which grants him several new abilities and later he reached his God form, which made him powerful enough to reach the energy of the Big Bang.



  • In his Stigmata form he bears some resemblance to the King of Fighters antagonist Orochi.