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Adam Barker is the main antagonist of the Barker Residence case from the indie horror game Police Force.


On the 31 of october, 1988, neighbors have called the police to the Barker household, after hearing what sounded like screaming from inside the house. Adam Barker, the family's patriarch, was known to be abusive towards his wife, Margaret, and daughter, Mary Beth, and was undergoing psychiatric treatment at the time.

Once the officer steps into the house, it becomes apparent that it's already too late for Margaret, who was stabbed to death with a knife and was left lying on the kitchen floor. Among the family's items, some of which were taken as an evidence, a piece of Mary Beth's diary was discovered, documenting an episode of her father inflicting violence on his daughter and the on his wife for trying to defend her. Once nothing more can be gathered in the house's main area, the officer goes deeper into the building.

There, in some kind of a concrete room, he finds a bunch of disturbing mannequins covered in white sheets with eyes drawn in blood, presumably Margaret's, but most importantly he stumbles upon a cage where Mary Beth was locked up by her father. Adam then ambushes the officer when he tries to exit the room and is gunned down after attempting to murder him.


Adam Barker is a middle-aged (48 years) caucasian male with a heavy build and a bald head, wearing a white sleeveless shirt and blue pants. During the encounter, his clothes is also covered in blood stains.


Completely chaotic and heavily unhinged individual, Adam exhibited almost all the signs of psychosis. He was shown to have unpredictable and violent nature, shaving the head of his daughter for something so petty as lying to him and couldn't be reasoned with, when he locked Margaret in his room with him after she had tried to defend Mary Beth to possibly beat her as a punishment. It's unknown whether he was simply sadistic or had some other made-up motives for his abuse or if the drugs that he was taking played any part in his deteriorating behaviour.

He had also displayed an eerie fascination with mannequins. A naked female mannequin can be found in the house's main area and a number of sheet-covered ones with the bloody eyes in the concrete room.

On the day of the murder, he had locked his daughter in a cage and seems to have killed Margaret for no reason at all, either during a dispute or out of his own delusions. On a wall he wrote a phrase "Maggots inside my brain made me go insane", indicating possible visceral hallucinations and a partial awareness of his illness.

Although in a psychotic state, he still had enough sense left to hide from the police officer once he arrived and ambushed him, but didn't use any weapons while attacking him and was not discouraged by the officer being armed and took a surpsiring amount of shots before he was finally put to rest.



  • Given the family's last name, the wife's first name and the entire game's theme of an unhealthy family with the inclusion of a violent and deranged patriarch, this may be a reference to Resident Evil 7, especially Jack Baker.
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