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"She's killed before! Ask her about the disappearance of Shelley Williams!".
~ Adam attempts to implicate his estranged wife Steph Stokes as the murderer of her abusive brother Terence Turner - whom Adam himself had killed - by telling the court that she recently killed Shelley Williams.

Adam Forsythe is a fictional character and major antagonist of the long-running British soap opera Emmerdale. He appeared as a supporting character in 2005 before becoming the main antagonist in 2006.

He was played by Richard Shelton.


Adam Forsythe first came to Emmerdale in 2005 and won over the residents after playing a crucial part in helping local teenager Debbie Dingle give birth to her daughter Sarah. He soon began to spend a lot of quality time with the villager's longest-standing resident Alan Turner and also interacted with his friends Betty Eagleton and fellow pensioner Edna Birth.

In 2006, Adam began a relationship with Alan's illegitimate daughter Steph Stokes. They got along well and Alan later supported Steph when her brother, Terence Turner, reappears in the village and the reaction to Steph is horrific - Steph would confined to Adam that she had been sexually abused by Terence back when the siblings were teenagers. Adam vowed to protect Steph and Alan from Terence as the latter began to get in touch with the family.

Despite Adam's apparent heroism and goodwill nature in front of everyone, it is soon revealed that Adam's status as a legitimate general practitioner is actually fake - Adam had in fact been illegally practicing medicine after he was reported to have committed GBH for assaulting a child who had bitten him in the past. Terence later finds out about this and begins blackmailing Adam with the knowledge. A confrontation later ensues when Terence corners Steph at the B&B, and Adam ends up killing Terence by hitting him on the head with a fire extinguisher.

Following Terence's death, Adam begins to turn against Steph and cover his own tracks by deceptively hiding the body and then getting her sectioned for being paranoid. He later marries Steph to try and further protect his image, but Adam's publicity is eventually quashed when Terence's body is revealed and Steph reveals the truth to her father. The couple are later jointly trialed for Terence's murder, and Adam uses his ex-wife Isla Forsythe to collaborate with his statement and degrade Steph's campaign against him. Adam soon further twists the knife by revealing to the court that Steph had previously killed her ex-lover Shelley Williams a few years ago. However, Adam's hopes of getting away scot-free are ultimately foiled when Steph falsely tells the court that she killed Terence in order to expose Adam's deceit.

Afterwards, both are later sentenced to life imprisonment; Steph bravely serves her time whereas Adam ends up committing suicide following the exposure of his dastardly crimes.



  • He made a total of 114 appearances throughout his time on the show.