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You see, Lily, power... is order. It belongs in the hands of those who understand it. It's been that way for thousands of years. Timmy's a good example of that... until you tried to make him in your own image. So I... I had to kill him... to restore the order... because we are not in your image. We are your rulers! And kings! Thing is, Lily, you got yourself here. But you're playing with fire... and I'm gonna watch you burn.
~ Adam Harrison to Lily.

Adam Harrison is the main antagonist of the 2020 horror/fantasy film The Craft: Legacy, the sequel to the 1996 horror/fantasy film The Craft.

He was played by David Duchovny.


Adam is the new husband of therapist Helen Schechner and her teenage daughter Lily. When the Schechners move to Adam’s hometown, he welcomes the pair warmly and introduces Lily to her new stepbrothers, his biological sons Abe, Isaiah, and Jacob. Lily exhibits magical powers and becomes involved with Frankie, Tabby, and Lourdes, three girls who practice witchcraft. After Lily uses her powers to defend herself against a bully named Timmy, Adam admonishes her and clashes with Helen over his scolding of her. Lily later learns about Adam’s authoritarian parenting style from Abe after she overhears her parents arguing. Timmy, now befriending the witches, admits to Lily that he had sex with Isaiah. He later apparently commits suicide after Lily casts a love spell on him, leading Lily to swear off using magic.

One night, Lily witnesses Adam hosting a meeting with his sons and a handful of other men, during which he espouses sexist rhetoric and comforts a distraught Isaiah. Believing her stepfather is dangerous, Lily demands she and Helen move out, but Helen refuses. She then searches Adam’s office for any incriminating evidence, but instead finds adoption papers that reveal she is actually the daughter of one of Helen’s patients.

After Timmy is buried, Helen approaches Lily and agrees that the two of them should move out of Adam's house. She reveals that she knows about Lily's powers and asks Lily to give her powers to her, rousing Lily’s suspicions. “Helen” then changes into Adam, who reveals himself to be a pagan warlock. Adam knocks his stepdaughter out. When Lily regains conscious in a forest later that night, Adam confesses that he murdered Timmy and spouts more sexism. When Lourdes, Tabby, and Frankie arrive to help Lily, Adam uses telekinesis to send the girls falling to the ground. Unfortunately for him, he ends up arranging the girls in the directions of north, south, east, and west, and the young witches are able to use their magic to burn him to death.


Adam Harrison: Hi, Lily. I finally got you here. It's nice to see you again. Last time was on your turf, though, so now it's my home-court advantage. That’s a sports metaphor. A metaphor, sort of like analogy.
Lily: Oh, yeah. I get it. Yeah, I get it.
Adam Harrison: Dad joke. Guilty.
~ Adam Harrison's first lines.
Come on in and meet the boys. They're really excited to meet you. I think they even bathed.
~ Adam Harrison to Lily.
I want to talk today about weakness. Because when one of us is weak, all of us are weak. But how do we alchemize weakness into sovereign power? How do we eliminate the weakest among us so that the strongest can thrive?
~ Adam Harrison espousing sexist rhetoric.
Lily, I want to apologize for being so tough on you. You know, it wasn't always so easy for me, raising three boys on my own. I had to set very strict rules and keep them in line. I know that’s not how you and your mom operate. I wanted to say that I'm sorry.
~ Adam Harrison to Lily.
I saw you checking out the old family crest, huh? It's actually pretty cool. These go back centuries. You know, snakes are usually considered scary, or dangerous. But actually, in pagan culture, they were symbols of rebirth.
~ Adam Harrison to Lily.
Adam Harrison/"Helen": It has been so painful, you can't imagine, to watch you understand that you were different and not know why. Now you can see why your difference is dangerous. But I need you to say it with me, Lily. "In the name of Manon, I give you my power." You can trust me. I'm your mother.
Lily: My mother would never tell me my difference is dangerous.
~ Adam disguised as Helen.
Uh-oh. Those don't seem to be working anymore, thanks to your so-called friends. See, that's the thing about girls with power, Lily--they're always too weak not to use it against each other.
~ Adam Harrison to Lily, after she tries to use her powers on him.
Lily: What do you want from me?
Adam Harrison: That's an excellent question. Ah, you see, Lily... I want your power.
Lily: Who was my mother?
Adam Harrison: Which one? Helen? Uh, she's tied up at the moment. Your real mom... well, she's tied up, too. In a different way. You're a lot like her. She fought it at first, but eventually she gave in. You see, Lily, in order to gain a witch's power, she has to give them up voluntarily. So you do have a choice here. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
Lily: You'll have to kill me first.
Adam Harrison: So the easy way.
~ Adam Harrison explaining his plan and attempting to kill Lily.
Adam Harrison: You girls ought to be careful in the woods at night. A lot of weirdoes out here.
Tabby: We are the weirdoes, mister.
~ Adam Harrison to Lourdes, Tabby, and Frankie after they arrive to help Lily.
~ Adam Harrison's last words before being burned alive by Lily, Lourdes, Tabby, and Frankie.