Adam jones

Adam Jones

No, Detective Marney, all we wanted was a future. We never had one and, thanks to you, we never will...
~ Jones before attacking Becky

Adam Jones, going under the alias Simon Hillary, is the main antagonist of the 2017 video game Hidden Agenda.

He is the real identity of the serial killer The Trapper. Due to most of the decisions being up to the players, it ultimately depends on the player's decision how the Trapper's killing spree ends. Most of the story is also shaped by the player's decisions.

He is voiced by Gabriel Miller.


Adam Jones was raised in an orphanage where he befriended Jonathan Finn. The priest who ran the orphanage abused several children during his time there.

Although seemingly having died in a fire at the orphanage, Jones survived and stole the identity of Simon Hillary and started working as a forensics medical examiner at the police. He also started a killing spree, murdering those involved in his past. He laid elaborate explosive traps at the crime scenes which also often killed the first responders - which were almost exclusively policemen from the third precinct. Eventually, he contacted Finn again, manipulating him so that he would be set up for the Trapper murders and executed. However, while on death row, Finn contacts DA Felicity Graves and reveals that he believes Adam Jones to be the real culprit.

Felicity Graves and police officer Becky Marney investigate Finn's lead. During the investigation, the two slowly piece together that Hillary is, in fact, Adam Jones while Jones manipulates all others into blaming Becky for the Trapper murders. Eventually, Jones manages to abduct Becky and frames her for the Trapper killings. Having also abducted Judge Vanstone and having implanted the judge with a bomb - another of his titular traps - Jones plans to have both Vanstone and Marnie killed in order to clean his own hands. Calling Becky, he taunts her and reveals to her that he left her her sidearm and that killing the judge will disarm the bomb.

Meanwhile, Graves is investigating Hillary's home when Hillary surprisingly turns up there as well. If she is captured by Jones, he prepares to burn down the entire house - and Graves with it. Should Becky survive the trap, she arrives at the house (accompanied by Finn if the player lets him escape earlier). Again, it depends on the player's action if the confrontation ends in bloodshed. But if the player decides to make Becky escape Adam who is still well dressed and keep the name of Simon Hillary will be interviewed and tell the reporter that he hopes the cops find Marney and arrest her if they found her meaning that no one knows that he's the real culprit. He's also interviewed if Marney is shot to death or arrested also without letting anyone know that he was behind all of it.