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I've been a pop star for a long time♪ People’s sexiest man alive♪ Now it’s time for me to be seen as a massive creep♪♪
~ Adam Levine in Animals

Adam Noah Levine is the main antagonist of the "Animals" and "Sugar" parody. He is the lead singer of Maroon 5. He appears in Bart Baker parody, as a minor character both in Can't Remember to by Shakira and in Big Girls Cry by Sia.

In Can't Remember to Forget You and Big Girls Cry, he was portrayed by Fred DiBella, and in Animals and Sugar, he was portrayed by Bart Baker who portrayed many characters in his parody franchise.


Can't Remember to Forget You

At the end, Adam Levine was briefly seen as one of three judges along Usher and Kermit at The Voice. Both Adam and Usher noticed about Kermit the frog taking Shakira's job instead, unaware she was seemingly arrested for stealing the frog's voice.


While standing in hoodie at raining outside, Adam declared it's now time for him to be seen as a massive creep. The reason is he looks like a sick pedo. He stalked Behati Prinsloo he compares as a fresh meat. This video Adam made did not show any other members of Maroon 5 as it was all about Adam. While he was singing, he sounds like a dying dog by what the other members of Maroon 5 got their ears hurt much to their disgust and anger towards Adam's behavior and video. While the bandmates confronted him, one of them claimed that no one knew who they are and that nobody, except Adam wanted to watch this weird sh*t. Before this moment, while both Adam and Behati had sex, they got the blood poured over, and Behati, disgusted, reacted to Adam he didn't tell he was going to pour blood over her and referred Maroon 5 to Moron 5 before slapping Adam. Back to the moment afterwards, the other bandmates, in retaliation, tied Adam to give him the taste of his own medicine by turning the boombox, playing Adam's song, on, presumably killing Adam in the process as he screamed in pain, the dog barked and the other members of the group closed ther ears.


In this parody, Adam decides to bring his songs into weddings, and has his manager distract everyone with a gun. In the first wedding, he disfigures everyone's faces by shattering the glass in their cups into their faces with his singing and the bride's father kicks them out and calls him a prick. In the next wedding, his singing makes everyone barf and crap themselves, as well as presumably killing the bride's father. Before going to the third and final wedding, he tries to take some pictures with some women, only for one of them to taze him in the process. And finally, at the third and final wedding, his singing blows up everybody's heads. After that, the news says that he and his fellow bandmates have now been taken to jail for their crimes.

Big Girls Cry