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Dad told us that there were moments when people could just disappear without anyone knowing where they went or why. He said those were the moments when God's Hands could take you. According to Dad, nothing, not even a camera, could catch us. We were invisible when we were God's hands.
~ Adam describing the power he believes he has.
I started digging that goddamn hole, but I did not pray. I would not. I hated God, I despised Him. My hatred helped me dig, kept me going. Dad's, or God's, or the Angel's or whoever's plan it was would not work on me. I knew what dad was doing was wrong, and nothing was gonna change that.
~ Adam describing his and Fenton's fear of their father.

Adam Meiks is the protagonist villain of the 2001 horror thriller Frailty. He is a religious fanatic and serial killer who murders people whom he believes are demons in human form. He goes to the office of his next intended victim, FBI Agent Wesley Doyle, pretending to be his brother Fenton and that he has information on the "God's Hand Killer".

He is portrayed by Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConoughey, who also portrayed Vilmer Slaughter in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, Randall Flagg in The Dark Tower, and Joe Cooper in Killer Joe.


A man calling himself Fenton Meiks walks into the office of FBI Agent Wesley Doyle claiming to have information about the "God's Hand Killer", an unidentified serial killer who has been at large for years. He then begins his story of how the murders occurred.

Flashbacks reveal that Fenton and his younger brother Adam were raised by their widowed father, whom he refers to in his narration only as "Dad". One night, Dad wakes them up and tells them he had seen an angel who told him that God wanted them to destroy demons in human form. Fenton thinks Dad has lost his mind, but Adam believes him without question.

Dad takes his sons with him as he kills several people, and eventually tells them to kill people as well. Fenton refuses, however, and tries to alert a police officer, whom Dad kills in order to "protect the mission". Stricken with remorse for killing an innocent person for what he believes is the first time, Dad blames Fenton and punishes him by locking him in the cellar for weeks. When Dad lets Fenton out, the boy claims that he had seen God, and now believes his father is telling the truth. He volunteers to kill a "demon" that very night.

When Dad has the victim at their mercy, however, Fenton turns on him and stabs him to death. Adam is heartbroken and enraged, and swears that he will get revenge on his brother when they grow up.

"Fenton" then reveals to Doyle that he is in fact Adam, and that he has "destroyed" the real Fenton, who had grown up to become the God's Hand Killer. Flashbacks reveal that Adam did in fact share his father's visions of the crimes of those they abducted, just as he'd always claimed (whereas Fenton did not; as such, Adam always feared that Fenton was a demon). When Adam touches Doyle, he sees a new vision revealing that Doyle had murdered his own mother. Doyle asks, "How did you know?" and Adam replies that Doyle's name was given to him on the list of demons to be destroyed. Doyle tries to protect himself by reminding Adam that people at the office saw him, but Adam just declares that God will protect him, then kills Doyle with his ax.

Those who saw Adam (posing as Fenton) at the FBI office inexplicably remember nothing about his visit. In the surveillance tapes, his face is obscured by static. The investigation then proceeds as Adam predicted: FBI agents raid the real Fenton's home and discover evidence of his crimes, as well as Doyle's badge, planted by Adam.

Agent Griffin Hull visits the Enid County Sheriff—Adam Meiks—to deliver the news about Fenton. Hull doesn't recognize Adam, even though he was one of the people who saw him at the FBI office the night before. Shaking Hull's hand before he takes his leave, Adam tells him he's "a good man," indicating he's seen that Hull has not committed any crimes. Hull departs, and Adam tells his pregnant wife that "God's will has been served."