Adam Mitchell is a character in Doctor Who, who appeared in the revival's first series for two episodes as a short-term companion to the Ninth Doctor, and was banished from the TARDIS. The character is portrayed by Bruno Langley, who is best known for portraying Todd Grimshaw in the soap opera Coronation Street.

Adam Mitchell wasn't seen in the series again, but did return in the 2013 comic book series Prisoners of Time as one of the primary antagonists in which he plans revenge against all the Doctor's incarnations for his banishment and mostly for erasing the knowledge from the future that could his mother from her death.


Doctor Who (2005)

Adam first appears as a young researcher working for Henry van Statten, who is the owner of a museum of extraterrestrial artefacts. He forms an attraction for the Ninth Doctor's companion Rose Tyler and reveals his love to see the stars. He ends up fleeing with Rose when a live Dalek kept within the base ends up on the loose. After the creature's death and the museum closes down, Rose convinces the reluctant Doctor to allow Adam to come along with him, which he eventually accepts.

However the travels with the Doctor doesn't last long. When they end up in the year 20,000 on a Space Station, Adam becomes tempted with the wealth of futuristic information. He has an advanced computer interface port installed inside his head, which can be activated with the click of someone's fingers which opens up his head. He attempts to send back information to the 21st Century using Rose's modified mobile phone, but this act allows the villains on the station to extract information on the Doctor from Adam's brain. As punishment, The Doctor later banishes Adam back to the 21st Century and destroys his answering machine to eliminate the future information. He advises Adam to live a quiet life, and departs in the TARDIS with Rose. When Adam's mum returns home, she reacts in shock after she ends up snapping her fingers and her head opens up.

Prisoners of Time

Adam Mitchell old

An older Adam Mitchell.

After the death of his mother, Adam gets hold of the Vortex Manipulator and plans to kidnap the Doctor's companions as revenge for him not being able to acquire the knowledge that could have saved her. He tracks down all the Doctor's previous incarnations and kidnaps their companions. It is also revealed he has teamed up with a past incarnation of the Master - the archenemy of the Doctor. Adam comes up with the idea to give each of the Doctor's incarnations a choice of one companion to save, whilst the rest die. However Adam is given a unique chance of redemption and he sacrifices himself to destroy all the Master's equipment. Adam is later buried and recognized as a true companion.



Doctor Who

Series 1
  • "Dalek"
  • "The Long Game"


  • Prisoners of Time


  • Adam is the first companion to be thrown off the TARDIS by the Doctor after only 1 episode.
  • He is the only companion in the revival to not be included in the "Journey's End" finale of series 4.


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