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F*ck you, Blaire.
~ Adam to Blaire after exposing her adultery.

Adam Sewell is the secondary antagonist of the 2014 horror film Unfriended.

He is a friend of Blaire Lily who is revealed to have slept with her twice. Just like his friends, as the film goes on, Adam turns out to be a horrible and despicable teen who did many bad things to his classmates, including Laura Barns.

He was portrayed by William Peltz.


Adam Sewell is a friend of Blaire Lily, Ken Smith, Mitch Roussel, and Jess Felton. During their group chat, they are joined by a user named Billie227, revealed to be a girl named Laura Barns who committed suicide as a result of cyberbullying by those in the group.

After the death of Val Rommel, anther person in the group, Laura demands that the people in the group play "Never Have I Ever". She forces them to reveal their darkest secrets, such as that Jess stole from Adam's bank account and Mitch sold him out to the police for selling weed at a party. In retaliation, Adam, who by now has become drunk, reveals that he slept with Blaire twice behind Mitch's back. Blaire becomes upset, to which Adam coldly responds "F**k you".

An upset and angry Mitch forces Adam to reveal his darkest secret; he drugged and raped a girl named Ashley Danes, then forced her to get an abortion when she got pregnant. Laura also reveals that he had tried to trade Jess's life for his. In the midst of this drama, Adam's computer prints off a note. Mitch asks him to read it out, but he says he can't. Blaire's printer then prints out a note, and she also refuses to read it out.

Mitch angrily tells her that if she doesn't read it, he will leave to which Laura threatens to kill him. To prevent this, Blaire desperately reveals that the note says "If you reveal this note, Adam will die." Adam's gun is then possessed by Laura and she shoots him in the face, causing him to drop his note in front of his camera and revealing that it said if he revealed it, Blaire would die.





  • Adam's death was originally going to be him being brutally ran over by a truck after walking into the street as seen through the trailer.
    • This would then be changed to Blaire showing the note that says that if she shows the note that means Adam would die, exactly like to the other note that Adam had printed, but with Blaire dying if he revealed his note instead.


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