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Adam Smasher is one of the two main antagonists and the final boss of the 2020 video game Cyberpunk 2077. He is employed by Arasaka, serving as their head of security. Smasher is a full-borg Solo and rival of Morgan Blackhand, and Johnny Silverhand.


Early life

Adam Smasher was born in New York. When he grew up, in the time of The Collapse, he became the leader of his own gang, getting into conflict with the reparations. Soon, however, the army broke up his gang and he was the only survivor who enlisted in the army. After years of service, many in the navy in which he learned, fired for insubordination. Then he returned to his hometown, where he become a mercenary.

Smasher was doing well - his bold and sadistic personality attracted attention, along with a well-paid job that kept him full of weapons, drugs and women. However, a work has come that surpassed his skills. Smasher and several other professionals were hired by the corporation to operate to steal a prototype gizmo from the competition. Adam never revealed his name or the name of the corporation he worked for, although today it is known that it was an Arasaka representative.

Mission was a failure when Smasher was shot down by rocket launcher. The rest of the solo dumped the remains of Adam's body into a backpack and took him back. Smasher flattened himself for eight minutes before stabilizing him. Everyone could communicate with him (or rather his brain in the tank) only through the interface, although in the absence of his organism, it was irretrievably damaged in the explosion. The Corp who originally hired him said it was very bad luck for a mercenary. He liked Smasher's demeanor, past, and skills, and offered him a full body conversion in exchange for a fifteen-year contract. The mercenary knew that the refusal was associated with a final death.

Working for Arasaka

Over the years that followed, Smasher not only learned to live as a full borg, but became a worshiper. He had accomplished many things that he could not even dream of as "Soft," as he used to call non-Borgs now. Among other things, the use of sports motorcycles as a melee weapon, fighting three black belts at a time with one unscrewed, and surviving a grenade blast from less than half a meter and falling from the eighth floor onto a garbage truck.

Smasher was usually used in offensive operations against competition, but was sometimes sent on program missions. During one of them, burglars stole important corporate files. He flattened two of them early, but after the third he had to chase to the center of the share. Instead of the arm, there was a Tsunami Arms Helix shotgun installed, loaded with a tape from a backpack. In the past, he would have had to take a heavy minigun with him, which probably would not catch up with the thief. When he chased her downtown, he lost sight of her in the crowd, knowing that the girl couldn't get far, opened fire on innocent shoppers. Having cleared the corridor, he scanned the floor strewn with bodies, took the floppy disks from the girl's massacred body and escaped. The entire action was described by Smasher as the essence of "the beauty of being a borgo". Nobody could associate Adam with this massacre, because he did not take any dyes for external actions and he always exchanged his face plate.

During their career, Adam Smasher and Morgan Blackhand began to quietly compete with each other. The opponent was a threat to the ideology of the Borg that "metal is better than meat." Smasher tried to challenge Blackhand to a duel, but he always ignored him, which only increased Adam's fury.

He is seen many times in the story, hardly speaking but guarding those he needs to. He is last seen during the final boss fight, in which he would be ultimatley defeated.


When V infiltrates Arasaka Tower, They'll encounter Adam Smasher, in order to defeat him easily, V requires Frag Grenades, Tech Weapons, Quickhacks and Bladerunner perk

Overall when fighting Adam, he is resistance to chemical damage, has enormous firepower, significant melee damage, a Jump attack that can knock out V, he can also destroy the curtains which deprives your cover.

Adam has a weak spot when fighting him, he has a cyber heart at that found on the right side of his chest which is covered in armor, it's recommended to use a Tech weapon, when attacking his heart it does a heavy amount of damage to him. He however is also susceptibility to electricity, Cyberware and Weapon Malfunction quickhacks can also be useful.

During the battle Adam has three phases, his first being very focused on performing melee combos, jump attacks, and projectile attacks which require lots of dodging skills, his second phase is about long range, he would start to send reinforcements from soldiers to mechs. his third and final phase is that he'll start opening fire with his machine gun, it's recommended to take cover.

Once Adam has been defeated, he will collapse onto his knees and mutter to himself while twitching. The player either ha the choice to shoot him in the head and kill him , or leave him.