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Do you have any idea how many crackpots contact me about my work?
~ Soong, on his work.

Adam Soong was the primary antagonist of the second season of Star Trek: Picard. Like his descendants Commander Data, Arik Soong, Noonien Soong, Lore, and Altan Soong he was portrayed by Brent Spiner.


Born in the 20th century, Soong was a geneticist who sought to create an improved version of humanity. He was part of the team that helped to develop augments like Khan Noonien Singh as part of Project Khan. Soong also attempted to clone daughters, but nearly all of his clones died in childhood due to defects. Only his last clone, Kore Soong survived to adulthood.

In the early 21st century Soong had partnered with the private military company Spearhead Operations and was conducting genetic experiments on homeless veterans in violation of the Shenzen Convention - which restricted genetic research after the Eugenics Wars of the 1990s. In early 2023 those experiments were exposed to the public, resulting in Soong being condemned as a mad scientist by the media. Soong lost his funding and his licenses to practice medicine.

Contacted by Q, Soong was given a cure that would allow Kore to travel outside her environmentally sealed bubble into sunlight and outside air that would have otherwise been fatal to her, and was told by Q that astronaut Reneé Picard was a threat to Soong's plans if allowed to go on a mission to Europa. Soong attempted to kill Reneé with a neurotoxin, but the Aegis supervisor Tallinn switched disguised herself as Reneé at the last minute. This resulted in Soong killing Tallin with the neurotoxin, not Reneé. Meanwhile Reneé boarded the ship and headed to Europa as planned.

Realizing how evil her "father" truly way, Kore hacked into Soong's computer systems and purged all his genetic research out of his computers, destroying almost all of her father's work. All that was left were a few hardcopy materials that Soong had printed out over the years, including documents for "Project Khan."

In the 22nd century Soong's descendent Arik attempted to follow in Soong's footsteps by continuing genetic research, even though most of the research was by then illegal. He was arrested after stealing frozen embryos left over from the Eugenics Wars and growing them into adult humans. When these augments turned against him, Soong realized that genetic research was too dangerous, and decided instead to focus on developing artificial life. Some 200 years later Arik Soong's vision was realized when his descendant Noonien created androids with positronic brains such as B4 and Data.

Alternate Timelines

A safe galaxy is a Human galaxy.
~ The Confederation's motto, coined by Soong.

In an alternate timeline created by Q, Soong was successful in stopping Reneé Picard from going to Europa. Humanity survived but instead of healing Earth managed to keep it on life support of sorts, keeping it barely habitable. Instead of developing into a peaceful United Federation of Planets humanity instead formed the totalitarian Confederation of Earth. Soong became one of its early leaders and set humanity on a path of violent conquest of the galaxy.