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Adam Stanheight is the main villainous protagonist of Saw and a posthumous character in later instalments.

He was in the first film and briefly seen in the third. Despite surviving his test, Adam was left to die by the end of the first film.

He was portrayed by Leigh Whannell, who also voiced Jatt in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.


Observation And Photography Of Lawrence

Adam was a blackmail photographer who was struggling for money. His latest client, Detective David Tapp, hired him for the observation and photography of Doctor Lawrence Gordon, a suspect in the Jigsaw killings. He was successful in stalking a taking photos of Gordon, but failed in not being seen.


Adam returned to his apartment. However, he fell asleep in the dark room while developing his photos. When he awoke he noticed how the power was out. While investigating a strange noise he heard, he noticed the mechanical Billy The Puppet, and was then attacked by Amanda Young in a sinister pig mask. She eventually knocked him out.


Adam was taken into a fake bathroom, along with Doctor Gordon. The Jigsaw killer, John Kramer, disguised himself as a dead body in the room. Adam awoke inside a bathtub, not knowing that he accidentally let his key flow down the drain. He quickly noticed how he was chained up, leading to him screaming for help. He also noticed the dead body in the center of the room. Adam nearly vomited at the sight of it. Eventually Gordon woke up. Adam pretended that he wasn't stalking him and faked his true identity. As a matter a fact, Adam was beginning to suspect why he was in there, but withheld this knowledge from Gordon. Eventually, Adam and Gordon decided to read the tapes they where provided with. Adam discovered that Gordon had to kill him to save his family. Eventually, Gordon found a phone that let him call his wife. She told him not to trust Adam's lies. It was here that Adam decided to tell Gordon his true motive. Gordon, understandably upset, proceeded to shoot Adam in the shoulder. Adam fell to the floor. This caused John's assistant Zep Hindle to enter the room and attempt to kill Gordon. Adam, still alive, managed to kill Zep by bashing his head in. Adam collapsed to the floor. Due to the terrible agony and trauma of his situation, Adam burst into tears. Sobbing, he begged Gordon not leave him. Gordon reminded him that he had to get help or else he'll bleed out. Gordon left Adam to find help. Then, John, still disguised, awoke and revealed himself. Adam grabbed a gun and tried to shoot him, but John tazed him. John turned the light off and left the room, slamming the door. Leaving Adam screaming.


Due to nightmares about Adam's ghost haunting her, Amanda Young decided to mercy kill Adam, before he suffered a more painful fate. She attempted to suffocate him with ceramic wrap. Adam awoke and attempted to break free. This lead to him bashing face into a toilet, knocking him out. Adam soon suffocated him. Amanda left Adam's corpse behind.


  • There is a theory that John Kramer eventually saved Adam after Amanda suffocated him and had taken him in as an apprentice.


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