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I won't let you stop the ride, gramps! If the ride stops, then the zombies come back, and that won't be any fun at all!
~ Adam the Clown, threatening Frank West.

Adam MacIntyre (more commonly known as Adam the Clown) is one of the bosses or psychopaths featured in the 2006 video game Dead Rising. He is also an optional boss in the main mode 72 Hours, who can be found on the first day at 9 p.m. in Wonderland Plaza in the Space Rider Rollercoaster during the scoop Out Of Control. He is a psychotic clown who has gone insane over the zombie apocalypse when he saw his audience, including children, being eaten alive. For this reason, Adam took control of the rollercoaster, trapping a mall employee Greg Simpson in it, killing anyone who dares to turn off the cable car because it keeps the zombies at bay.

He is voiced by John Kassir.

In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, it is revealed that he has a younger brother Evan MacIntyre and is mentioned posthumously by Frank and Evan in the side mission "Snow Job".


Adam's story is very sad and tragic. Once a cheerful clown who worked at the Wonderland Plaza's play park, and amused the children of the mall's customers with his acrobatic shows. However, due to the zombie apocalypse, Adam witnessed many children being eaten alive by zombies, which left him with a mental breakdown and psychosis. Unable to cope with what he saw, he placed several bloody dolls on the seats in the Space Rider rollercoaster and kidnapped a mall employee, Greg Simpson, setting the coaster to full power, seeing that it scares away the zombies. Adam decided that he would kill anyone who tried to turn it off.

On September 19, at 9 p.m., Otis informs Frank West that the Space Rider Rollercoaster at Wonderland Plaza is running very fast as if it is out of control and tells him to go check on this suspicious situation as it could mean that there are some survivors there. Frank arrives at Wonderland Plaza and sees the coaster spinning with blistering speed. The man walks over to the control panel to turn it off, causing Adam to intervene immediately, laughing maniacally and juggling two chainsaws. Frank is speechless when he sees a crazy clown. Adam becomes sad at Frank's reaction, telling him that he thought he would be happy to see him just as everyone used to be happy to see him. Emotionally unstable Adam approaches Frank, with his small chainsaws still on, and starts a conversation with him, telling him about his life as a comedian entertaining people, and when the zombies showed up at the mall, everyone died, and so he decided to help the survivors by turning the coaster to full power that scared the zombies away from the sound source. Unfortunately, Adam managed to kidnap Greg Simpson and put him in the line refusing to let him go. Adam, believing that Frank wants to stop the coaster so that the zombies can wander around it again, decides to kill him.

Adam's death.

After the fight, the defeated Adam falls straight on his small chainsaws, which quickly tear him apart and chop his insides, laughing maniacally. Frank almost vomits when witnessing this, but takes the coaster access card from Adam's corpse, freeing Greg Simpson from his prison.


Adam is fought in the typical manner of most Dead Rising bosses, where he attacks, leaving the player to counter attack. Adam however is unique in the fact that he can deflect bullets with his chainsaws, making firearms useless against him, and grounding the player to a melee strategy.

  • Adam is one of the quickest and most agile bosses in the game, being able to run, jump, roll, and dodge. This makes dodging his attacks require extreme focus, and reaction skills.
  • Adam has a variety of attacks, probably more than any other boss in the game. His main attacks consist of his two chainsaws, which he uses in a variety of ways. He can also attack by throwing knifes, and this can easily be dodged by side stepping.
  • Adam can also breath fire, which he uses a regular attack, and as a counter attack after the player hits him, making it important to step back after every attack.
  • He also uses balloons, filled with a toxic gas. These balloons once deployed, bounce around, following Frank until it hits him, or a zombie. It takes several seconds for Adam to blow up a balloon, giving the player an opportunity to attack, preferably with guns, allowing you to pop the balloon and disable him temporarily.


  • Chainsaws: Adam's main attack is a forward swipe with his chainsaws. He typically performs this attack after rolling forward to close the distance between him and Frank. This attack causes two health blocks of damage.
  • Spin: Adam will spin in circles with his chainsaws extended in both hands. This attack is capable of sending Frank flying in the air if he is hit. If Adam is hit while performing this attack, even if he blocks it with his chainsaws, it will be interrupted.
  • Fire Breath: Adam performs this counterattack after being knocked over. Adam retaliates by exhaling a gust of flames that sends Frank flying back.
  • Hunting Knife: If Frank is in medium range from Adam, he will throw several hunting knives at Frank in an attempt to hit him. If this attack hits, Frank will be knocked to the floor and a Hunting Knife can be picked up for use. He throws the knifes rapidly fast, so the only easy way to dodge the knifes is that you move in a horizontal fashion.
  • Gas–filled Balloons: If Frank is far away from Adam, he will start to blow a balloon containing an irritant gas. The inflated balloon will bounce slowly towards Frank. If it is popped near Frank or Adam by touching it, shooting it or throwing something at it, it will cause anyone in the vicinity (except for the zombies) to cough violently and be unable to attack for several seconds. In this state, Adam is unable to attack or defend himself from attacks. He can be shot while blowing up his balloon.
  • High intelligence: Despite his madness, he has proven to be one of the most intelligent characters in the series, since, although everyone was afraid and went crazy because of zombies, he has managed to realize his weakness and make the most of it despite the fact that he had gone crazy as a result and as another intellectual point Adam uses roller coaster noise to keep zombies at bay and is also a competent fighter.





  • Despite his overweight body build, Adam is shown to be the most acrobatic enemy in the game, as he is able to perform somersaults and jump to high areas. This could be because his weight is simply padding in the costume, that was design to make him appear to be fat, which is also a common trait among clowns.
  • Out of all psychopaths in the Dead Rising series, Adam's death is arguably the most gruesome of them all.
  • In the cutscene before the boss battle, Adam calls Frank West "gramps", despite the fact that Frank was 36 in the game, and Adam was 35, making him only one year younger than Frank.
  • Adam has a unique boss trait, seeing how he never directly attacks any of the survivors directly during the boss battle - he's only focused on Frank West.
  • In the video game Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, it was revealed that Adam the clown has a younger brother named Evan MacIntyre. When Evan finds out he was talking to Frank West, he blamed Frank for Adam's death and tries to kill him to avenge his brother.
  • Adam's voice actor, John Kassir also voiced the Joker in DC Super Friends who like Adam is also a psychopathic mass-murdering clown.
    • He would later voice the character Monsoon from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance who, similar to Adam, became sociopathic and evil due to extremely traumatic circumstances (in Monsoon's case, growing up under the Khmer Rouge regime and the Cambodian Genocide).


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