Heh heh heh... Kneel before Adder!
~ Adder in Black Hole Rising.

Adder is a Black Hole CO and a supporting antagonist in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. He also appears as a purchasable CO in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Adder is a fairly average CO, having no significant strengths or weaknesses.


Adder was sent by Sturm to conquer Yellow Comet. He at one point encounters Grit and, impressed with his skill as a CO, attempts to convince him to defect to Black Hole, telling him that his abilities are wasted with Blue Moon.

However, disgusted with the way Adder and his men treat people, Grit refuses and declares Adder his "number-one enemy". Eventually, Adder's forces are driven back by the Yellow Comet's COs, and he is forced back to the Black Hole headquarters.

It is unknown what happened to Adder after Black Hole and Sturm's defeat.



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