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Adder was a crimelord who fought against Shang-Chi, a Kung Fu based superhero belonging to Marvel comics.


Robert Fong became one of the wealthiest men in Chinatown by selling heroin. He established a criminal organization, and became known as the Adder, because he spread his throughout the cities. However, while he had a strong reputation as the Adder, his true name remained secret.Fong's daughter, Linda, discovered that her father was the Adder.

Mortified, she fled his mansion into Chinatown. The Adder sent his men to retrieve her.Within an hour, his men had located Linda. She sought aid from Shang-Chi, who fought off her would be abductors, but when reinforcements arrived she fled - right into the arms of a third group of the Adder's men. Taking Linda hostage, they forced Shang-Chi into the back of their delivery truck to take him to the Adder. Shortly after their arrival, Shang broke out of the truck, where he found Linda bound and being questioned by her father.

Although she had only been gone for an hour and promised she had told no one, the Adder decided he would use a red-hot poker to be sure she was telling the truth.Shang-Chi broke in and stopped him from harming Linda, and he quickly overpowered the Adder's men. The Adder drew his sword and charged Shang, who side-stepped and kicked him - right out a window - and he fell to his death.

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