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This demon that you and your kind have conjured with your diseased acts must feed. If not on others, then on you, dear Sally.
~ James March on the Addiction Demon

The Addiction Demon is a minor antagonist in American Horror Story: Hotel.


The Addiction Demon first appears in Room 64 after Gabriel takes drugs. In the beginning it's shown as a blurry vision but then it suddenly appears in front of him and takes his pants off. It uses a metal cone dildo to rape him. Sally McKenna slowly enters the room while Gabriel is screaming. She sits on a chair next to the bed and tells Gabriel to say "I love you, Sally" if he wants the demon to go away. After saying it, the Addiction Demon stops and disappears.

After a long day at work, John Lowe comes back to the hotel and tries to sleep on the bed. However, the alarm clock turns on and starts playing jazz music along with the TV that turns on on itself. After turning them off, he goes back to sleep but opens his eyes and sees the demon with his metal cone dildo whirling above his head.

Claudia comes into her room talking on the phone with a friend of hers. After hanging up, she goes to the bathroom in her night gown to wash her face before going to bed. There she hears strange noises and sees the demon in the mirror.

While Sally tries to seduce John in the elevator in order for him not to arrest her, she massages his penis and the demon is being showed blurry around them while the lights go off and on.

While John has rough sexual intercourse with Sally in the bathroom of Room 64, the demon appears for a moment and disappears when John looks at the mirror.

The Demon appears randomly around James Patrick March while he is arguing with Sally for not trying to save John Lowe when trying to hang himself.



  • The Addiction Demon's rape of Gabriel is often regarded as one of the most disturbing scenes in American Horror Story history.
  • The Addiction Demon (or something bearing resemblance to it) appears in the Hotel teaser "Do Not Disturb".


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