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It is within my heart that I know I must act as shepherd to this world. It tells me to inherit my father's will, and bring forth a utopia. And that I am the perfect being.
~ Adel to Takeru in episode 27.
I am the world.
~ Adel after connecting with the Great Eye.

Adel is a prince of the Gamma and the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Ghost.

He is the second oldest son of Gamma Emperor Adonis and the brother of Alain and Alia. He is fanatically devoted to the Gamma ideology and willing to do almost anything to achieve his father's ideals, which ironically leads him to kill his father and usurp his place as Emperor of the Gamma. As the new Grand Imperial Majesty of the Gamma, Adel sought to assimilate the world into a utopia using the Gammaizers. He later merges with the Gammaizers to become Perfect Gammaizer.

He is portrayed by Akihiro Mayama.



Adel was evidently born prior to Adonis making contact with the Great Eye, back when his father was a simple village chief. After his father used the power of the Great Eye to create a "utopia" in the form of the Gamma World, Adel went with the rest of his family to go live in it.

However, tragedy would strike when Adel's mother fell ill and died, leading Adel to become fanatically devoted to his father's vision of a utopia without death as an adult. This would later be followed by the oldest son of the Gamma Imperial Family, Argos, falling ill and perishing as well.

Invasion of the Human World

When the energy needed to run the World of Gamma's life support system ran low, Adel proposed they invade the human world to obtain more power. The Gamma soon began plotting to shift the human realm to more resemble their own. In preparation for the plan, Adel traveled to the human world in the year 2005 and murdered the leader of the Ghost Hunters, Ryu Tenkuji, who had made contact with the Gamma World. He would also kill Daigo Fukami, the father of Makoto and Kanon.

One decade later, the Gamma would begin their invasion of the Human World. Adel's younger brother, Alain, was assigned to oversee the invasion, partnering with a former Ghost Hunter Chikara Saionji to create Gamma on Earth. When Jabel was sent by the Emperor to assist Alain, Adel gave him secret orders to gather the 15 Ghost Eyecons but not to tell Alain about their power.

When his brother Alain returned to the Gamma World, he asked Adel why he had not informed him about the true power the 15 Ghost Eyecons possessed, but Adel simply told his brother that there was no point in obtaining a living human body and that the Eyecons were only useful as a weapon.

Adel was later informed by Igor that Alain had stolen the Mega Ulorder, but Adel opted to allow him to keep the device for now and observed what his brother was capable of doing with it.

He later tasked Igor with instigating the Demia Project, offering to have him appointed the new magistrate if he was successful. Igor used an Eyecon to possess Steve Bills, the CEO of network company Deep Connect, in order to use his company's resources to develop the project and disperse it among the human population.

Usurping his Father

After secretly spying on a meeting between Alain and his father, Adel noticed his father was doubting their plan to bring about a utopia and concluded he was no longer worthy to lead the Gamma. He decided to lead the Gamma himself and approached his father while he was in his prayer chamber, attacking him from behind and destroying Eyecon body. He then imprisoned his father's mortal body behind an invisible barrier, but kept the fact that he was still alive a secret. He then declared himself the new Emperor and framed Alain for their father's death, destroying his brother's Eyecon body to force him back into his original one and sending his forces after him. He would also wake up Jabel and give him a Gamma Ultima Eyecon before sending him to find and kill Alain.

At the same time, Adel sought to learn more about the Gammaizers inside his father's prayer chamber and consulted Edith on them, but Edith only gave him cryptic hints as to what they were. Though he initially believed them to be the root of power within the Gamma World, Adel eventually learned from talking to them personally that they were not the root of power, but interfaces for the true power - the Great Eye. Though Adel had killed the previous Emperor, the Gammaizers all agreed to obey him and mimicked his form. Adel would then discover he had the power to summon them as he pleased, deeming them all to be perfect beings.

When Alain and Takeru discovered the trapped Adonis while searching for Makoto's body, Adel sent a team of Gamma Commandos led by two Gamma Superiors to eliminate his father, deeming him a liability that was no longer useful. Takeru managed to fight off Adel's forces, but not before Adonis was injured shielding Alain. It was then that Adel himself appeared and killed his father right in front of the two, before summoning Gammaizer Fire and ordering it to eliminate them.

Connecting to the Great Eye

Adel later began seeking to control, not just the Gammaizers, but the Great Eye itself in order to use its power to realize his vision of a utopia. To this end, he had Igor give him regular reports on the Demia Project as it neared completion. After discovering the full extent of her brother's mad ambitions, Alia transformed into Kamen Rider Dark Necrom P and attempted to stop Adel. Adel summoned Gammaizers Planet and Climate and used them to defeat her, but kept her alive so she could witness the realization of his utopia. Edith later tried to warn Adel that the Gammaizers had been exposed to human emotions and were becoming self aware, but Adel ignored his warnings.

Edith later became Gamma Ultima Ebony and attacked Adel in an attempt to stop him and the Gammaizers, transporting them both to the human world in the process, but Adel became Perfect Gammaizer and easily defeated Edith. Adel would later return to the chamber and continue his attempts to connect to the Great Eye, only to find he was unable to. Gammaizer Climate then told Adel that the key was Takeru Tenkuji, leading Adel to go after him. Adel attacked Takeru while summoning Gammaizers Planet and Climate to fight Specter and Necrom. It was then that Specter questioned who Adel was even building his perfect world for and pointed out that he had alienated everyone close to him, but Adel simply responded that he had acquired "perfect power" with which to realize his utopia. Adel then brought all the Gammaizers together and used them to fire an attack at Takeru's friends, but Ghost Mugen Damashii stood in the way.

After Takeru and his friends were saved by Edith, Adel would make another attempt to go after Takeru. Becoming Perfect Gammaizer once more, he fought Ghost, Specter and Necrom and was ultimately defeated by the power of Mugen Damashii. Takeru then extended his hand and offered that they work together to save both the human world and Gamma world, but Adel refused and knocked his hand away before returning to the Gamma World.

Upon his return to the Gamma World, Adel resolved to create a utopia by becoming the world. He destroyed his Eyecon body and connected to the Great Eye with the power of his resolve, resurrecting the 12 Gammaizers that had been defeated.

Demia Project goes Online

Having banished Edith earlier, Adel summoned Igor to his chamber and proclaimed him the new magistrate.

As the Demia Project neared completion, Adel summoned all the Gammaizers in preparation for it and sent Gammaizers Fire and Wind to hold off the Riders while the Demia was activated. Wielding Gammaizer Blade, Adel attempted to fight Ghost himself but retreats after their minds begin overlapping.

Once the Demia Project reached completion, Adel and Igor used its central server to assimilate the souls of all the humans who had been connected to it. Takeru and his friends were able to free Steve Bills from the Eyecon's possession and attempted to have him give an emergency broadcast telling everyone the truth about the Demia Project, but Adel intercepted the broadcast and announced that every human would be assimilated into his utopia. Takeru was locate the main server inside an abandoned church and destroy it, but Adel kept the Demia Project afloat by taking the server's place and began assimilating everyone into himself, even Igor much to the latter's shock.

Adel later engaged Takeru again and summoned the 15 Gammaizers to counter the 15 Damashii Parka Ghosts Takeru summoned but they are unable to stop them. Adel soon comes to see the error in his ways and realize his father still loved his family, and Adonis himself was actually heartbroken by the death of his wife and Argos. Unfortunately, it is too late for Adel, as the 15 Gammaizers finally reveals their true colors and forcibly merge with him to form Perfect Gammaizer again. Having no choice, Takeru is forced to defeat it, killing Adel in the process under his request at mercy kill. Adel's spirit then appeared one last time to reconcile with his siblings, telling them both to save the Gamma World in his place and that he hoped they would start families before disappearing.


Adel is a self-righteous man committed to seeing his father's ideals of a Utopian world become a reality. He does not care for individual lives and sees the creation of his perfect world above any one person, to the point where he is even willing to kill his own father when he sensed him doubting the plan. He is shown to be a very manipulative and ruthless individual, successfully usurping his father as ruler of the Gamma and framing his own younger brother for his death. Through his contact with the Gammaizers, Adel gradually becomes much more fanatical, his desire to create a perfect world becoming a megalomaniacal obsession to assimilate everyone into himself.



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