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Adele DeLong is a villainess from JAG, appearing in Season Two's "Crossing the Line."

She was portrayed by Dee Wallace of E.T. fame.

Adele DeLong is an arrogant and rude congresswoman who appeared on a case involving Lt. Marilyn Isaacs, a female pilot who filed a sexual harassment case against Captain Tom Boone, claiming that she is being held back because she's a woman. In actuality, Isaacs was not a good pilot; making various mistakes and making excuses every time. DeLong wasted no time antagonizing the group, especially Harm, who callously stated that he killed his RIO.

DeLong ignored the claims of Isaacs' faults and used her "women in combat" agenda to bully Admiral Drake into letting Isaacs aboard on a flight mission. The mission saw Isaacs (with Skates as her reluctant RIO) make countless mistakes and errors--as well as making excuses for every one of them. The flight ended with Skates ejecting herself from the plane, and Isaacs crashing into a fantail, killing her. As for DeLong, she simply watched in shock as her arrogance resulted in the death of a pilot. The fallout from DeLong's actions was never revealed.

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