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I have a fat ASS!
~ Adam/Adina's most famous quote, as he rants about his insecurities.
MOTHER'S ASS! Why you let them treat you like this? You can't be a bunch of PUSSIES your whole lives!... I HATE this place.
~ Adam as Adina breaking down to the DOG members, after experiencing first hand how badly women get treated by his peers.

Adam/Adina is the deuteragonist of the 2002 comedy film Sorortity Boys. He was one of the co-heads of the KOK fraternity house social committee, alongside his best friends Daisy and Doofer, who disguises himself as a woman in order to clear his name from false embezzlement charges.

He was portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum, who also portrayed Lex Luthor in Smallville.


Adam was a college student, well renowned for his rowdy, hot-headed, womanizing, and bullying nature, something his younger brother Jimmy wasn't even exempt from. He alongside Dave, and Doofer, made up the social committee of the KOK fraternity house, and lived out their days partying, causing chaos, and having fun. They also took great delight in tormenting women, especially the members of the rival DOG house, with Adam being by far the worst culprit for this, to the point where he even began a "walk of shame" ritual which involved a girl he had a one night stand with leaving his bedroom only to be bombarded by the house's other members chanting about her, before having her picture taken and placed on the wall, then finally getting thrown out.

One day however, Spence the house's leader calls a meeting, and accuses Dave, Adam, and Doofer of stealing all of the house's tuition fees to use for their own selfish purposes. Baffled at the idea, Dave takes his key to the safe in an attempt to prove their innocence only to find the money has indeed disappeared. Dave quickly deduces it was Spence since he was the only other house member with a key, however nobody believes him, and as such Dave, Adam and Doofer are chased out of the house.

The three drive away in Dave's car, eventually coming up with the plan to talk to Dave's father about the situation. However Dave gets told about a job opportunity from his father, and realises he can't tell him about the embezzlement charge, as this will ruin that plan. Adam is perplexed about what to do, before Doofer suggests the idea of finding surveillance evidence of Spence stealing the money. Citing his knowledge of Adam's collection of homemade pornography from each of his one night stands picking it up. Although enraged that Doofer had been looking at his collection he agrees to the idea, and they devise a plan to get back into the KOK house unrecognised, and ultimately decide on crossdressing.



At first Adam was an arrogant, hot-headed, misogynistic bully, relishing his constant free spirited partying lifestyle while not respecting women, and only really caring about Dave and Doofer in terms of others, he was also a fairly pleasant person, and even a good older brother to Jimmy.

While having to pose as Adina, Adam's world fell apart, and he developed body dysmorphia disorder, due to the constant torment he began suffering almost as soon as he adopted the persona, feeling very inadequate and ugly, and becoming increasingly desperate to return to his normal life. He also grew to despise the behaviour of his old peers for the way they treat women, after having to experience it for himself.

In the long run however, he began to embrace the form more and got along more with the DOGs after a while. By the end of the movie he appears to have changed almost completely for the better and has more respect for women.


As Adam, he had blue eyes, a slim but muscular physique and short brown curly hair, usually obscured by a hat and was quite tall with fair skin. He usually just wore casual clothes such as jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

As Adina, he wore tight fitting skirts for the most part, usually pairing them alongside long sleeve blouses, and heels in an attempt to make his legs look slimmer. He later changed to a wider variety of clothes though such as bell bottoms, but always kept the heels in spite of constantly falling over in them. He also wore a blonde shoulder length wig with bangs that was secured at the top. He also had a razor burn rash adorning his legs, due to inexperienced shaving.


  • Due to having to shave his head for filming Smallville Michael Rosenbaum was required to wear a wig for the filming of Adam's scenes, and as such requested as a joke for the production company to give him the fakest looking wig possible.
  • In spite of supposedly being viewed as unattractive in universe, most fans seem to think of Adina as rather attractive.
  • Additionally in spite of being called overweight and supposedly having a "fat ass" according to most of the film's characters, Adam/Adina's dress size is apparently only an 8, which is very below average.


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