Adjutant Booba is a member of the Great Star League Gozma serving as one of General Giluke's two lieutenants and a supporting antagonist in Dengeki Sentai Changeman, as well as the rival of ChangeDragon.

He was portrayed by Yoshinori Okamoto, who later portrayed Doctor Ashura.



Originally a pirate and the leader of his own Booba Space Pirates, Booba was forced to join the Gozma after he made a failed attempt to kill Star King Bazeu.

Working for Gozma

Initially loyal to the Gozma cause, Booba began to have doubts after General Giluke was granted permission by Bazoo to turn him into a Space Beast due to the loss of much of Gozma's forces against the Changeman. However, before he could be transformed, Booba was saved by his former space pirate comrade Jill. After Jill was killed by the Gozma forces, Booba furiously attempts to duel Giluke, but they are stopped when Bazeu separates them. Before returning to the Gozma forces, Booba would make a burial for his old comrade.

As the battle continued to swing against Gozma's favor, the Gozma resorted to increasingly desperate maneuvers. Eventually, Booba became fed up with the Gozma after a plan by them to use Space Beast Daryl to create a reaction that would end up killing Shiima and destroying Earth. Booba managed to foil the Gozma's plan by striking down Shiima, eliminating the Gozma power connection within her to turn her back to the princess of planet Amanga. With that, Booba opted to have a proper death in combat against his old rival Change Dragon. Following his death, the Changeman and Shiima created a grave for him which they marked with his sword.



  • Booba's name, along with his background as a space outlaw, is presumably a reference to Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise.



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