Adjutant Shiima is a member of the Great Star League Gozma who speaks with a masculine voice despite being a female and serves as one of General Giluke's two lieutenants. She is a supporting antagonist in Dengeki Sentai Changeman.



Shiima was originally the princess of Planet Amanga. As part of a ceremony for raising princesses on the planet, Shiima was taken from her mother as a baby and raised by the Space Beast Uba, who possessed milk that would help her grow up. Lacking any connections with her mother, she developed a cold and cruel personality and was eventually recruited into the Gozma, with her aloof personality making her a perfect fit.

Invasion of Earth

In one notable battle, Shiima lost her memory and began showing a different and more feminine personality from her typical one, which Tsurugi believed to be her true personality. However Shiima eventually regains her memories and becomes old self again, returning to Gozma

As the Gozma's invasion continued to exhaust their resources, they began resorting to more desperate measures, including turning their own members into Space Beasts. This included Shiima, who was transformed into the Space Beast Zuune by General Giluke. However, she was freed by a song from Navigator Gator's son Waraji, separating herself from the Zuune body.

Following the defection of Gator, Shiima furthered doubted her loyalty to the Gozma and began to desire to be princess of Amanga once again. She was later used in a scheme along with the Space Beast Daryl, the being who annihilated her entire planet, to use their opposite energies to create a reaction being powerful enough to destroy Earth. However, the plan was foiled by Shiima's fellow lieutenant, Adjutant Booba, who frees Shiima, by striking her with his sword and causing her to revert back to her princess form as well as regains her memories and her normal voice, thus restoring her to who she was before she became a Gozma officer.

Shiima later joined the Earth Defense Force during the Changeman's final battle with Bazeu and the Gozma. Following the death of Bazeu, Shiima returns to space on Shuttle Base with many others aliens who had fled to Earth from the Gozma.

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