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The Administrator (real name unknown, several contradictory first names have been hinted), also referred to as the TF Announcer or simply the Announcer, is the CEO of both RED and BLU as well as TF Industries, and the overall main antagonist of the entire Team Fortress series.

She is the source of the mysterious, disembodied voice that issues commands and announces vital events during matches. An aged and thoroughly evil mastermind of a woman, the Administrator possesses both a piercing gaze and the sort of voice that commands total and unwavering obedience or something else. Her general demeanor tends towards either slight anger or various stages of bitter disappointment.

She is voiced by Ellen McLain, who also played GLaDOS from Portal franchise and The Witch in the Left 4 Dead game series.


The Announcer wields considerable influence and power. Once thought  to be the owner of both the RED and BLU Corporations, it has since revealed that Blutarch and Redmond Mann are both still alive by Radigan Conagher's Life extender machines.

Despite their continued existence, neither of Mann brothers seem capable of handling the affairs of their respective companies; so for all intents and purposes the Announcer can be said to control them. By extension, this grants her control over every major government on the planet.

She tends to keep her operations top secret, manipulating events from behind the scenes. Any development that may chance unwanted attention is swiftly terminated with extreme prejudice.





  • Her appearance and personality are a reference to Cruella De Vil from Disney's 101 Dalmations.
  • The Announcer is voiced by Ellen McLain who voices GLaDOS, another villain from a Valve game
    • Ellen McLain is married to John Lowrie, the voice actor of The Sniper.
  • She has her own card on night at the Inventory.
  • As seen in the comics, she is the actual main antagonist of the series itself (outranking Gray Mann and the TFC Mercs).
  • As mentioned by Gray Mann, she already has all of the remaining Australium on Earth.
  • The Administrator's appearance started off as a fan rendition by an artist by the name of Makani. The art of the Announcer spread around the internet and proved rather popular, with Makani eventually being invited to Valve where they purchased the design. In December 9, 2009, the Administrator's look was finally unveiled using his design, albeit some modifications such as her clothing.


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