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Admiral Agares is one of the main antagonists from Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim. He commands the Romun fleet at the orders of Ernst to invade the Canaan islands inside the Great Vortex, waiting for Ernst to stop the vortex, so his fleet can advance. Once the seal is broken, the Romun forces invade and take over the Port Rimorge village, as well as invading the Rehdan village and kidnapping all the Rehdans.


Agares is shown to be a buffoonish and despicable man without manners. He imprisons most of the Rehdans inside one of the ships to serve as slave, but takes the Rehdan priestess Olha to his own ship, intending to give her as a present to the Romun Emperor. While Ernst goes search the islands for the remaining Rehdans, Agares stays on his ship waiting, so the heroes come up with a plan to take him as his men outside so they can free the captive Rehdans. Baslam, the chief of Port Rimorge, invites Agares to a banquet, which he immediately accepts, taking along some of his men with him, but at the same time the pirates led by Captain Ladock, along with the remaining Rehdans who were never captured, start attacking the Romun Fleet to create a distraction, so Agares orders his men to fight them. This allows Adol and Terra to invade the ships and free the captives, but when Adol frees Olha after killing a giant frog which protected her cage, Agares and his men finds them.

Upon seeing his precious Elizabeth (the giant frog) was killed, Agares gets angry and orders his men to kill the heroes, but Geis shows up and defeats the guards, turning to Agares and asking where Ernst went to, to which he replies he has taken off along with a white-skinned girl, which Olha immediately realizes is her sister Isha.

Agares begs for mercy and even offers money to Geis, who attacks Agares and knocks him. Agares meets the same fate as his entire fleet, which is destroyed by a creature released from inside the Ark of Napishtim after Ernst summons it.


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