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Admiral Alfonso is the first admiral of Valuan Imperial Armada and the first admiral to be shown in the game Skies of Arcadia, pursuing the ship of one of the protagonists. He is cocky coward whom De Loco stated as the one who became the admiral only due to the influence of his family.



Alfonso first appeared leading an armored airship at the pursuit of Fina's ship, as he was ordered to kidnap the Silvite and take her to Empress Teodora. However, as he kidnapped her, bringing down her ship in process, the Blue Rogues attacked his ship. Alfonso ordered the soldiers to take care of them, but seeing the pirates progressing and taking over his ship, the admiral escaped, killing his vice-captain so he could blame him in betrayal. As main heroes got him, Alfonso released his beast-pet Antonio and escaped while they were fighting.


On the following admirals' meeting, it was revealed by Lord Galcian, that the crew of Alfonso's ship survived and was freed by the Blue Rogues, as they presented him true report about the actions on the cruiser and Alfonso's coward behaviour, leaving them to pirates. Galcian then demoted Alfonso and set Admiral De Loco as his temporary superior.

Both they were working in Ixa'taka on their base at Moon Stone Mountain, enforcing Ixa'takans to mine the Moon Stones. Though De Loco tried to talk with Alfonso politely, he still openly despised him. As the heroes went there to free Ixa'takan priest, De Loco tried to kill them in a room with falling ceiling only for Alfonso to interrupt and engage the party in battle with his new beast-pet, the better version of Antonio. However, it was defeated and crashed to the floor, crushing Alfonso. Heroes escaped then, as De Loco was unable to drop the ceiling due to Alfonso being there as well.

Alfonzo and Empress Teodora were later killed during Galcian’s betrayal.



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