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Admiral Amiel Richton is the main antagonist of the video game The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. He is a corrupt imperial admiral who was made governor of the Island Stros M'Kai by the emperor Tiber Septim after his success at the battle of Hunding Bay.


After the battle of Hunding Bay, Richton became the Governor of the Island of Stros M'Kai, which became one of the biggest supply ports for the imperial navy. His job was clear the island and waters around of any Abacean pirates or Crowns and guard the cape of the Blue Divide. Richton usurped Prince A'Tor's former palace and made it his base of operations. Richton's rule was dictatorial and oppressive for the inhabitants of Stros M'kai.

Richton hired the game's hero Cyrus to deliver N'gasta's amulet to him. When Cyrus arrived and gave him the amulet, he asked for information on his lost sister. Richton lied claiming he knew nothing, causing Cyrus to threaten him. Cyrus killed three of his guards before being thrown in the catacombs by Dram. Cyrus had then later escaped.

Richton then hired the dark elf assassin Dram to kill Cyrus, though all of his attempts are a failure. Cyrus joined the rebel Group called the Restless League, which plans to overthrow Richton.

Cyrus and the Restless League then invaded the palace. He used the Soul Sword to guide him and managed to kill many of the guards. Cyrus then reached Richton on the Airship stationed on the palace courtyard. As the Airship began to fly, he dueled in sword combat and Richton was defeated, but managed to use his last moments to distract Cyrus. Cyrus was forced to surrender by Dram who held a dagger to his throat and dropped his sword. The sword then flew up and killed Richton by stabbing him in the chest, and later sliced Dram in two halves. Cyrus then jumped down from the airship and cut open the fabric, causing it to crash.

Stros M'Kai was free from Richton's tiranny and Tiber Septim signed a treaty that allowed Hammerfell to join the empire in a manner that suited the Redguard people more than under imperial rule.


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