Me3 xen

Admiral Daro'Xen

Admiral Daro'Xen vas Moreh is one of the Quarian Admirals first introduced in Mass Effect 2.


Coming off as aloof and apathetic, talking to her reveals that she intends to make the Geth return to their original role as slaves to the Quarians, also having absolutely no qualms about performing unethical experiments on them due to not viewing them as being alive.

She is present at Tali's trial but makes it abundantly clear that she cares little for the trial itself but rather the political struggle going on behind the scenes. Viewing Admiral Koris as a fool for sympathizing with the Geth but also seeing Han 'Gerrel as an idiot warmonger, Xen intends to control the situation and manipulate it to her advantage. 

In Mass Effect 3, she continues her plans to regain control of the Geth and will also help Commander Shepard and company make it through the Geth Dreadnought if Tali is not alive to help instead.  If Shepard chooses to side with the Geth against the Quarians Xen will die along with the rest of her people. If not, Xen will be left enraged at how the Geth have now become fully independent and freed from the Quarian's control. 


  • Admiral Xen shares a voice actress with Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins, as well as a similarly arrogant personality and preference for black clothing.
  • Admiral Xen is also somewhat similar to the Krogan Weyrloc Guld, as both are arrogant supremacists and xenophobes with delusions of grandeur and a god complex.