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Admiral Porter

Admiral James "Jim" Porter Is the main human/quaternary antagonist in the movie Pixels.

He is portrayed by Brian Cox, who also portrayed William Stryker and Agamemnon.

First Appearance

He first appears in a board meeting and decides what or who to blow up. He finds out from President Cooper that their army was attacked by Galaga. Jim doesn't know what Galaga is, meaning that he never played video games before. He asked Sam Brenner to leave the building.

The Battle of Centipede

He appears right next to one of his best fighters. He doesn't want Sam or Ludlow to destroy Centipede. He was mad when he saw Sam use one of the Light Cannons and told Sam that he had no authority to use it. So the President told them to let the nerds take over the battle.

Pac-Man Battle and The Dance Party

Jim appears in one of the offices in the White House. Jim was watching the battle from a TV that was being shown to by Violet Van Patten. when Sam won he was thinking that what they are doing is wrong. He then appears to be at home watching the president thank Sam, Ludlow and Eddie. Jim was still angry at Sam and the arcaders. His wife thought he was talking to her and yelled at her to shut up. He later ends up at the party where he was reacting to Ludlow's singing and was not amused. He then sees the next video of Hall and Oates and angrily goes up to Brenner and Violet. Porter was so angry he fired Violet. It is unknown of what happened to him after that. He might have gotten fired by the President and probably unemployed for life.

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