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Laying the foundation of our new empire is of the utmost importance.
~ Vice Admiral Rampart.

Vice Admiral Rampart is the main antagonist of Season 1 of the 2021 Disney+ webseries Star Wars: The Bad Batch. He is an Imperial Officer who served the Galactic Empire in its early years, and is the head of Project War-Mantle, a recruitment initiative in which Rampart is responsible for the creation of Stormtroopers that would gradually replace the Clone Troopers of the Old Republic over the course of the Imperial Era.

He is voiced by Noshir Dalal.


Not much is known about Rampart before the rise of the Galactic Empire. During the early days of the Empire, he announced the implementation of chain codes as the Empire's form of identification. He also issued a holographic message that informed citizens that chain codes allowed for the exchange of now-invalid currency for Imperial credits.

Later, Rampart oversaw Project War-Mantle, an initiative to replaces clone soldiers with naturally-born humans. He recruited the Empire's first four conscripted soldiers as part of the initiative. Meeting with Governor Tarkin on Kamino, Rampart introduces the four new recruits, with the enhanced clone and former member of Clone Force 99 Crosshair as their commander.

Tarkin suggests to Rampart sending the new recruits to Onderon to complete the mission of eliminating Saw Gerrera and his camp of insurgents. Later, Crosshair's Elite Squad (excluding one member of the squad who was executed for insubordination) returned with news that Gerrera wasn't there, but the rest of his camp was eliminated, which Rampart saw as proof of Project War-Mantle's potential. Tarkin then left Kamino, leaving Rampart in charge of the new project.

Later, Rampart spoke with Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su about being informed on all matters from now on. Crosshair came in and reported that a power surge occurred in a wrecked Jedi cruiser on Bracca. Rampart tells Crosshair to send a scout team. Crosshair then said he needed more forces, as Clone Force 99 was responsible. Lama Su protested to Rampart that Clone Force 99 could still be an asset to the Empire, only for Rampart to say he has no interest in rouge clone deserters, ordering Crosshair to terminate Clone Force 99 if found.

On Ryloth, Rampart oversaw the Imperial occupation there, attending a mass gathering at Lessu, Ryloth's capital city, watching as Senator Orn Free Taa, as well as General Cham Syndulla, talk to the crowd at Lessu about the Empire's occupation. Rampart later comments to Taa that Syndulla was more compliant than he was lead to believe. Taa worries that Syndulla has too much influence over the citizens of Ryloth, but Rampart dismissed Taa's worries. Rampart later shows Cham and Eleni Syndulla around a new Imperial refinery being built on Ryloth, saying it's to help rebuild the war-torn planet. The Syndullas express concern for the refinery being more military than anything else. Rampart later leaves when he receives a message, telling the Syndullas to show themselves out.

Later, after Crosshair tracks and shoots down a ship flown by freedom fighter Gobi Gille, Rampart comes with some troopers to arrest Gille as well as Hera Syndulla, who was on board as well. When Orn Free Taa states that Hera's involvment is enough to implicate Cham, Rampart counters that Cham hasn't committed a crime, but Hera has. The prisoners rounded up on a tank, Rampart then surrenders when Cham and Eleni Syndulla rescue Hera. Secretly, Rampart has Cham set up for the attempted assassination on Senator Taa when he signals Crosshair to shoot Taa. As Hera escapes, Rampart has Cham and Eleni arrested and orders Clone Captain Howzer to hunt Hera down.

The next day, after visiting the Syndullas in prison, Rampart orders Howzer to arrest anyone who supports the Syndullas. Howzer protests Rampart's orders, only for Rampart to tell Howzer that he will do the thinking. Later, Crosshair reports that Clone Force 99 is now on Ryloth and suggests sending a battalion after them. Rampart scoffs at the idea of Crosshair's old team being a threat and threatens to remove Crosshair from the mission of finding Hera. Later in the evening, Rampart watches in anger as his base in Lessu is destroyed when Clone Force 99 frees the Syndullas and Gobi Gille. Surveying the damage in the aftermath, Rampart says to Crosshair he underestimated his former teammates and gives Crosshair permission to hunt the squad down.

Back on Kamino, Rampart and Crosshair watch as all available clones are mobilized. Rampart then tells Crosshair to keep an eye on the Kaminoans until the time's right. Rampart later confronts Lama Su after chief scientist Nala Se is caught moving medical personnel off Kamino. When Lama Su fakes surprise at Nala Se's actions, Rampart then says that Nala Se is necessary to the Empire, but Lama Su's not, and has Su detained. Rampart later watches as Crosshair brings in Hunter, the leader of Clone Force 99, and orders one of Crosshair's Elite Squad troopers to keep an eye on the two clones. When Crosshair kills his own men and joins his former squad in fighting training droids, the Elite Squad trooper runs outside as the last Imperial troops are pulled off Kamino, with Rampart telling the trooper to let Crosshair die. Rampart tells Tarkin that the evacuation of Kamino is a success and all Kaminoan medical resources are under Imperial control. Rampart is then ordered to fire upon Tipoca City. After three Imperial ships converge on the abandoned city, Rampart watches as his men open fire. After one clone trooper reports that all Kaminoan cities have been destroyed and are sinking, Rampart orders his three ships to rendezvous with the rest of the Imperial fleet.



  • Because he led the recruitment initiative (Project War-Mantle) that resulted in the creation of Stormtroopers, this makes him a major influence towards multiple installments of the Star Wars franchise post-The Bad Batch.


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