Admiral Rooster Metal (アドミラルメタルルースター, Adomirarumetarurūsutā), is the metal billed crow, dress in navy admiral, for the appearance in Capt. Squirrel Loo : Tori no kaizoku! Chikyu kara uchu e! for Sega Saturn. This character should pirate some of the birds to the best of his tremendous adventure.


Admiral Rooster Metal is activity on the outer space with his companions followers: Pelican Crunch Power, Match Seagull and Duck Vision. It is a rooster comb, metal spike and dress navy admiral, from outer space is a cleverly bird demon.

Appearances in the Games

  • Captain Squirrel Loo Saturn (Capt. Squirrel Loo : Tori no kaizoku! Chikyu kara uchu e! in Japanese, Sega Saturn and Master System/Mark III, October 1997) Admiral Rooster Metal makes an appearance on the scene, and the final boss, along Contra Parody.
  • Capt. Squirrel Loo - 1001-Nen arabu kaizoku (Game Boy Color, 2000), With success a RPG, Admiral Rooster Metal is decide he joins his heroes to fight the Popular Arabian Sailors by hook and by crook (Such a the Phantasy Star Parody).
  • Capt. Squirrel Loo Racing (PlayStation, 2000), With success a racing Video Game, Admiral Rooster Metal makes an unlockable character on coin collecting nuts 100 which can compete in the race once and for all.
  • Capt. Squirrel Loo Sekaiju no Kaizoku o Fukushu (Nintendo DS, 2007). After the success of Ganbare Goemon DS, Admiral Rooster Metal makes latest appearance as the cameo in a Birthday Party, Within a the Loser Captain Duck-Beard.

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