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Admiral Vigoro is the commander of the Valuan Empire Armada's Third Fleet and a major antagonist in the Sega Dreamcast RPG Skies of Arcadia.

He was voiced by Masashi Sugahara in Japanese and Charles Martinet in English, who also voiced Wario in Super Mario Bros franichise.


When Aika and Fina are captured and imprisoned in the Grand Fortress, Vigoro encounters Aika and immediately develops an attraction to her. He tries to force himself on her but Vyse and Gilder show up and knock him unconscious before breaking out with their two fellow crew members.

Vigoro later encounters the Blue Rogues again when he and Belleza attempt to take Yafutoma. He fights the party in his flagship the Draco, but despite his ship's massive firepower the Delphinus prevails and forces Vigoro to flee.

After Galcian held a meeting between the admirals at Dangral Island and announced his plans to secede from Valua and take over the world himself, Vigoro chose to stay with the Armada, not caring who he served as long as he got to keep fighting.

Vigoro later faced off with the Blue Rogues again at the Deep Sky Elevator at Dangral Island. After being beaten by Vyse and his crew a third time, Vigoro acknowledges Vyse's superiority and gives up on chasing after Aika.

Vigoro later leaves the Valuan Armada and become an Air Pirate, quickly rising to the top of the Empire's most wanted list on Sailor's Island.



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