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"I don't understand? You have to tell me why. It's a thousand to one. You have no chance to win!"
~ Admiral Wilhelm, wondering why Hiryu opposes Meio.

Admiral Wilhelm is a character and minor antagonist in Strider 2.


Admiral Wilhelm is a high-ranking member of the shadow organization ruling the world in Grandmaster Meio's name, and the captain of their greatest ace, the rebuild Flying Battleship Balrog. An expert swordsman wielding a "Shock Blade" named Denkoumaru, Admiral Wilhelm is known for his incredible dexterity and agility during battle, gaining him the monicker of "The Mobile Admiral". He leads the large flying fortress as one of Grandmaster Meio's greatest followers.

Following the destruction of the research lab in Antarctica, Hiryu is able to discover the location of the Balrog as it flies over the Malai Archipielago and quickly boards it. Following the destruction of its Reactor Core, Hiryu pursues Wilhelm as he attempts to escape the doomed Balrog on an escape ship. Catching up to him, Hiryu and Wilhelm stand on top of the escape ship as they prepare to duel one-on-one.

Wilhelm opens the battle by calling Hiryu a scum, then begins his assault. Despite his strength, however, Hiryu eventually comes out victorious. Dealt a fatal blow Wilhelm crumbles against one of the ship's wings and wonders aloud why Hiryu insists on fighting against Meio, citing his chances of winning being pretty much zero. Hiryu doesn't seem to answer his question, and Wilhelm finally dies.


Wilhelm is a bulky, tall imposing man with broad shoulders and large, muscular arms. Most of his head is obscured by a large metallic google-like object covering his eyes and square pads covering his ears. His legs are replaced by a set of metallic prosthetic limbs, much like all other crew members aboard the Balrog. In his case, he can uses his metallic legs to stick to vertical surfaces.

Wilhelm wears a long military green coat with gold pauldrons, white cuffs and a brown belt crossing over his chest. He has a black band over his right arm, possibly indicating his status as captain. He also sports white gloves and dark blue pants. He wears a green cap matching his uniform with a gold winged emblem on front.

Skills and Abilities

Admiral Wilhelm is an extremely agile and quick fighter and an expert swordsman. He fights wielding an advanced sword known as a "Shock Blade", capable of using plasma to enhance its cutting power in a way very similar to Hiryu's Cypher sword. Wilhelm is very adept at using it, swinging it around with precision or using it to send plasma pulses across surfaces by striking them with its tip or shoot plasma waves by swinging it. Wilhelm's legs are replaced with metallic prosthetics which allow him to stick to vertical surfaces and move around them with ease.

Besides great speed and dexterity, Wilhelm is also shown to be incredible resistant to the point he never flinches when hit, and will only be slowed down in his attack if attacked.


Admiral Wilhelm is stoic and completely loyal to Grandmaster Meio, fighting anyone who opposes him. He shows surprise at Hiryu for opposing his master as he believes Hiryu's chances of winning are zero, and he also shows repulsion at Hiryu for wasting his talent in fighting what he considers a losing battle. After being defeated he remains baffled by Hiryu's decision to continue fighting Meio and asks him just why he does so, receiving no answer before dying.


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