Admiral Igor Yarofev, or better known as Admiral Yarofev, is a character from the second part of Tomb Raider: Chronicles.

He was voiced by the late Miguel Ferrer.


Admiral Yarofev started as a marine in the Russian Navy. He eventually became the Admiral and gained control of a nuclear submarine. Yarofev proudly served his country for years. His status fell on hard times when the Soviet Union collapsed. As a result, the Russian Navy was injured in both terms of morale and finance.

In order for Yarofev to feed his men, he accepted bribes from Russian mob boss Sergei Mikhailov. Sergei did more than offer money: he took control of the entire Russian navy. Yarofev was disgusted but he was also unable to do anything. This didn't stop Yarofev from taking every opportunity to insult Sergei.

Sergei was seeking a powerful relic known as the Spear of Destiny. He wanted to harness the spear but he was unaware of its unstable power.  Adventurer Lara Croft found out about the spear and wanted to acquire it. With the help of a close friend, Lara discovered a base where the Russian Navy along with Yarofev and Sergei were situated. She infiltrated the base and snuck into the submarine's storage room.

Hours later, Yarofev and two guards find out about Lara's presence aboard the submarine. She tried to convince Yarofev to stop but he didn't listen to her. He had her locked in the ship's bunk room. Lara managed to escape by going through an air vent. Later, she recovered his pistols after knocking out the submarine's cook. By murdering more guards and assembling a diving suit, Lara descended in the depths of a sea.

While underwater, Lara found the Spear of Destiny aboard a sunken ship. She recovered it and returned to the submarine. When Lara boarded the ship again, she was confronted by Sergei along with two guards. He took the spear despite Lara's warning him not to use it. He ignored her but he was torn to pieces by the spear. Lara took the opportunity of the distraction and knocked the guards unconscious. The spear's power also severely damaged the submarine. Lara searched the submarine for a way to escape. She encountered Yarofev who was greatly injured by the sub's wreckage. He gave Lara a key to open doors to find supplies for the submarine's escape pod. She found what she was looking for and located the escaped pod right next to the room where Yarofev is lying. He requests that she Lara tell the world about he died in honor of his crew. She respects his request and leaves before Yarofev is killed by the Spear of Destiny's power.


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