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~ The Admonisher.
Everyone gotta DIE!
~ The Admonisher.
The Admonisher is the secondary antagonist in the Violator comic book series. He is a mercenary, who is insatiable blood-lust and gift for tracking and killing people. He was hired by Tony Twist to hunt down Violator for killing his men.


Tony was sick and tired of Violator for killing his men, so Tony decided to hired a mercenary name The Admonisher to hunt down Violator and bring him to Tony. he Admonisher accepted the job even though he was warned that he would be hunting a Hellspawn.

Later on, Violator was tracked down by The Admonisher in a mall. However, the five Phlebiac Brothers appeared and protected the Violator. the Phlebiac brothers didn't want their name to be sullied by having a demon defeated by a mere human.

The Admonisher thought the brothers was trying to help Violator. after that, The Admonisher was swallowed by one of them, but then The Admonisher broke out of the demon by blowing a hole out of it. He then fought the brothers and filled them with bullets, then the four Phlebiac brothers retreat back to hell.

Creatures from hell still echo his name and discussed the Admonisher escaping hell and returning to earth.

other appearacnes

Spawn In The Demon's Hand

The Admonisher appears as a playable character and a boss character in the game.



  • In the game, he was voiced by Tony Daniels.


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