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The Fuhrer does not barter... he conquers!
~ Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is an antagonist who appears in the animated TV show Captain Planet. He is the dictator of Nazi Germany and attempts to rule the world. Though he had only one appearance on the show, he could symbolize hatred itself, considering the fact Captain Planet was actually weakened by his stare.

He was confronted by Dr. Blight and her future self to hold an auction for an atom bomb when he and forces were trying to take over Europe. They showed a demonstration of what it can do.

Hitler bids and gets the atom bomb despite a scientist warning that it's too destructive. Hitler later betrayed the Blights and holds the Planeteers at gunpoint.

The Planeteers summoned Captain Planet and he was weakened due to Hitler's glance but managed to get rid of the bomb and Hitler and his forces retreated and possibly suffered a defeat like his real life counterpart.


  • Hitler managed to weaken Captain Planet just by glaring at him. This is because Captain Planet loses power when being near pollution and hatred, which Hitler has much of, is seen as pollution of the heart.
  • Unlike his depictions in other media (where he is shown with his usual toothbrush mustache), Hitler is depicted in Captain Planet with a horseshoe mustache, similar to Atilla the Hun.
  • Though all other villains in the Captain Planet franchise are fictional and they do embody and represent real-world threats, Hitler is the only antagonist in the series to be exclusively based on a real person.


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