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This empire is threatened by ruin! Everyone must fight to the end or die. Deserters will be hanged. With Autumn greetings, Adolf.
~ Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is a recurring character in the comic strip Fingerpori by Pertti Jarla and a minor character in its 2019 film adaptation. He is based on the real-life Nazi dictator of the same name.

He was portrayed by Teemu Aromaa in the 2019 film.


Adolf was born in 1889 to Alois and Klara Hitler and had a relatively poor relationship with his father while his mother doted him. In his later years, he would fight in World War 1, try to enter an art academy only to be rejected, act as the Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and wage World War 2 while trying commit genocide on minorities, especially Jewish people, between 1939 and 1945. However, unlike his real-life counterpart, he actually survived World War 2 in the world of Fingerpori and went hiding into the titular coastal town located in an unspecified part of Finland because he noticed that it was opportune ground for fascism. It is easy to assume that this is the reason why one of the town's political parties are the Nazis.

Because the comic strip is not limited to one period of time only, many of the strips featuring Hitler are set at various stages of his life, especially his reign as a dictator and his youth.

These strips often show him interacting with various members of his party, his parents and/or Eva Braun. However, there has been a few exceptions to this rule, i.e. a 2016 strip which showed him talking with Satan in Hell and the cover of the album Kamppailuni (Finnish for My Struggle) which showed him tackling the comic book's main protagonist Heimo Vesa.


In the film, Hitler appears in cafe waitress Rivo-Riitta's segment, showing up as a participant at a camp where she applies to in order to get better chances at having a date. He is first seen when the participants are asked what is bothering them and he claims that minorities are having that effect on him. After this, he is seen participating in some of the camp's activities, such as painting. He is last seen when he is being taken to a shower when the others are about to go through an extensive beautification routine.


  • The album featuring Hitler in its cover references Hitler's memoir Mein Kampf both in name and cover as, apart from featuring the dictator himself, their names of translate to My Struggle and have the exact same font.