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This version of the infamous Adolf Hitler is presented as the main protagonist in the controversial British sitcom Heil Honey I'm Home! It should be noted that this version of Hitler was a parody of the old '50s sitcoms and that the show had 8 episodes planned but was cancelled after one episode due to its alleged insensitive content.

Role in Heil Honey I'm Home!

As noted from the above paragraph, this Hitler is presented as a stereotypical '50s husband. His catchphrases include "Honey, I've been a bad Hitler!"  and the name of the show. The main plot of Heil Honey I'm Home is that he and his wife Eva Braun live next door to a Jewish couple by the names of Arny and Rosa Goldstein and  Hitler's inability to get along with them. In fact, he tried to kill them many times and each time they are oblivious to this. As such, because of the plot and unfunny jokes, the show was soon canned leaving seven episodes unaired.


  • Hitler was portrayed by Neil McCaul.

    Heil Honey I'm Home Full Uncut Episode-0

  • To the right of the article is the full uncut version of the pilot episode.