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Adolf Hitler is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Wilhelm Zuchs) of the Amazon Prime series Hunters. He is the former Führer of Nazi Germany, who escaped Germany with Eva Braun to South America, and the man overseeing the Fourth Reich, a succession to the Third Reich meant to rise up once more.

He is portrayed by Udo Kier, who also played Yuri in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, Lorenzini in The Adventures of Pinocchio, Gitano Dragonetti in Blade, Zanrelot in Vier gegen Z (4xZ), Peter Straub in Call of Duty: WWII and Professor Pericles in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.


Escape from Germany

It can be assumed that Hitler had the same history as his real life counterpart, up until the final days of the Second World War. Hitler and his wife Eva Braun escaped the Führerbunker in secret before the Red Army reached it, and the two were presumed to have committed suicide. The two escaped to Argentina, where they plotted to strike once more, and rebuild the German Reich from America, with the help of thousands (or perhaps even millions) of escaped Nazi war criminals, most of whom were in the United States, taken from Germany by the US government via Operation Paperclip, and many of their followers. They dubbed this projected empire as the Fourth Reich. Likely due to the deteriorating well-being of the Führer, Eva Braun took a more active role as the leader of this organization, taking on the moniker The Colonel, though Hitler, dubbed The General, was likely still her superior.


Hitler remains in Argentina throughout most of the series and is only mentioned by name. Biff Simpson, while conversing with The Colonel, refers to him as The General, stating he wants a meeting with him rather than speaking through her, which The Colonel scoffs at.

Hitler would not be seen until the season finale, when Joe Mizushima, a member of the Hunters, is kidnapped on The Colonel's orders and brought to Argentina. She sits him down at a dinner table, along with four identical Aryan children, and calls Adolf to the table as well. He exclaims his hunger to his wife as Joe looks at the elderly Führer in disbelief.


  • Hitler's line, "I've been so hungry, Eva", mirrors what Biff Simpson said in the series' pilot to one of his surviving victims: "And what a hungry boy I've been. What hungry boys and girls we've all been."
  • Neo-Nazi Travis Leich boasts that he is taller than Hitler (Hitler is 5'9", Travis is 5'9½")
    • Considering that people also usually get shorter with age it's actually likely he is even taller than Hitler than he thought, as it's likely that he doesn't know Hitler is alive.
  • Hitler's alias "The General" implies that he commands The Colonel, due to a general officer in the military having seniority over a colonel.
  • Given the timeline of the series, Hitler would be 88 years old during the events of season 1.


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