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A-ha! F*** you Kung Fury. Now nothing can stop me and my army of death.
~ Adolf Hitler when besting Kung Fury.

Adolf Hitler, also known as Kung Führer, is the main antagonist of the 2015 action-comedy short film, Kung Fury and the archenemy to the protagonist, Kung Fury.

He was portrayed by Jorma Taccone.


In Nazi Germany during the 1940s, Hitler knew of the Kung Fury prophecy and wanted to become the chosen one. So his Nazi scientists conducted experiments to try and discover how Hitler could claim the throne, but these tests failed and Hitler disappeared, never seen again until 1985 in Miami, he made his reappearance when he murdered the Chief of Police for the Miami Police Department by calling him and then shooting through the phone.

Looking to avenge the Chief, Kung Fury gets the best hacker of all time, Hackerman, to send him back in time to kill Hitler. He eventually manages to get to Nazi Germany and fends off against armies of Nazi soldiers, he manages to beat them all but is killed by Hitler with his Gatling gun. While Hitler thinks he has won, Thor and Kung Fury's other friends arrive and murders all of Hitler's soldiers and defeats Hitler's giant robot eagle. Hackerman then revives Kung Fury as Hitler tries to negotiate with them. This fails as Hitler is launched up in the air and just before he could be killed his robot eagle manages to save him while everyone else thinks he is dead.

Back in 1985 Miami, a robot arcade machine terrorizes the city but is defeated by Kung Fury, but he then discovers it has a Swastika on it as Hitler files laughing above on his robot eagle ending the movie.